Three Event Stage Tips to Engage Your Audience

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Event Stage Tips

Great event stage design is critical element for a successful corporate production. A well-designed set can enhance your speakers’ presentations and help make sure your audience is engaged through your event. We’ve rounded up the top three basic elements of a visually engaging event stage for you to keep in mind when planning your next corporate event.

Make the Brand Center Stage

Whether you’re conducting a medical training seminar or an investors meeting, your brand should be front and center during every corporate event.

There’s a wide range of audio visual technology that allows you to brand your event. You can use screen displays featuring your logo throughout the event to remind your attendees about who is behind the event. Use your event stage(s) to showcase your logo, placing it on podiums and using it as watermarking all of your other visual aids.

Screens displays aren’t the only way to work your brand into set. You could incorporate your company’s colors into your event stage design, as well, for consistency. By establishing continuity, you can be sure your brand will be top-of-mind with all of your attendees.

An Event Stage That Looks Good, Should Sound Good

Sound is another important element in event stage design. But choosing the best sound system for your event is a one-size-fits all process. You might want to consider how large your venue is; the number of people you expect to attend each session; and who is presenting.

If you’re still stuck on what sound elements to use during your event, you can always reach out to our team of AV experts. We’ll help you determine the best hardware for your production.

Lighting Your Event Stage

Stage lighting can sometimes be an afterthought when designing your event set.  Lights might seem less important than hardware like monitors and projectors, but the lighting can truly make or break your set.

We would advise in most cases against depending on the venues lights, so consider using a cutting-edge lighting equipment to ensure  the audience can see what’s happening on stage. According to one prominent event publication, LED systems “[eliminate] the challenge of cord placement” and because they run on batteries you’re not tied to placing them besides an electrical outlet.

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