AV Technicians: Important Skills for Servicing Events

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AV Technicians

What Makes a Great AV Technician?

Every year at Tallen we service over 18,000 events across various industries. As a long-time supplier of AV equipment for meetings in the pharmaceutical and Continuing Medical Education industry, our AV technicians know what it takes to execute events that exceed our client’s expectations.

It all starts with making sure our AV technicians have all the details they need, and our pre-production planning process ensures this. We work closely with our clients to understand and anticipate every need from the first time they contact us right up to through the last event track. Every event is different and some are more complex than others. At Tallen we make sure that we have the right equipment and the most appropriate personnel on-site, no matter what the even shape or size, and our industry-leading client retention rate of greater than 98% speaks to this.

So what separates the great AV technicians from the average ones when it comes time for them to service the events they support? Below we’ve identified the 3 most important attributes for any AV tech working at a Pharmaceutical and Continuing Educations meetings.

1) AV Technicians Should Have A Proactive and Flexible Attitude

Good manners and professional etiquette are essential attributes for a corporate event AV technician. In fact, it’s just as important as technical proficiency. In the fast-paced, often sleep-deprived event management environment, the onsite tech’s interpersonal skills and ability to get along with clients, colleagues and other vendors are no small factor.

Even when a type of event or meeting has been executed successfully so many times that it may become routine, our AV technicians look at every event with a critical eye and are always on the lookout for new challenges that might present itself. They understand that your professional reputation is only as good as your last event, so we empower our AV techs to be proactive and use their leadership skills, technical proficiency, and communication skills to address any and all challenges head on and ensure your events run smoothly.

2) AV Technicians Should Have Commitment to Troubleshooting and Problem-resolution

AV downtime is measured not in hours or minutes, but in seconds. That’s why we place such an emphasis on hiring only the most experienced AV technicians and put standards in place for quality control and equipment maintenance that every event setup must adhere to. Tallens on-site AV technicians are trained to quickly diagnose and solve problems so that any technical issue is mitigated and any potential impact on the audience’s experience is minimized.

3) AV Technicians Should Have Technical Proficiency

No matter what AV equipment you rent, the equipment is only as good as the people who operate it. At Tallen, we maintain industry-leading standards when it comes to our AV technicians and their level of technical proficiency, to make sure they have an intimate knowledge of every piece of technology they use – no matter what it is.

We listed and organized these attributes according to feedback collected over the years from our many clients in the Pharmaceutical and Continuing Medical Education meetings industry.

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