Blending real and digital worlds at trade shows

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One of the most innovative technological advances in recent years is the proliferation of video chat capabilities within the trade show industry. Video chat technologies have contributed significantly to the simultaneous globalization and shrinking of the world we live in today. An aspiring programmer from Taipei, Taiwan will be able to quickly collaborate with and learn from a titan of industry hosting a trade show in Austin, Texas. This global and real-time interaction has significantly boosted the overall capabilities of trade shows, as real and digital worlds can now be blended seamlessly with the right audio visual equipment. Here are some tips on how to effectively blend the real and digital worlds at trade shows.

Live streaming

Some of the most popular industry trade shows today – such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo or the Consumer Electronics Show – are in such high demand that even people who try to get tickets early might find themselves on the outside looking in. There are numerous technologies that can help solve this issue, such as video equipment rental and an advanced computer rental service.

Using the aforementioned equipment – and the appropriate video chat software can help solve your overcrowding issues, according to The Globe and Mail. While it might not be the same as actually being there, logging onto the live stream from the comfort of their own personal computers is a reasonable alternative. In fact, some people who are intimidated by large crowds might choose to eschew the trade show altogether if there are such live stream alternatives available.

Broadcast demos

Different people have vastly disparate ways in which they learn best. Some people can learn by reading, others by trying an activity out for themselves, and another group by listening. One of the many benefits of having video capabilities at your trade show is being able to cater to people who learn best through different means. According to Business 2 Community, including demos for the latest products and services through video chat is not only a great way to promote new products, but also to educate consumers on how best to use these products.

Some consumers might be able to pick up a new product, thumb through the accompanying instruction manual and be very well-versed immediately. However, others function better when they are able to see the product actually being used. Additionally, video chat programs and live streams can be set up to provide opportunities for a question and answer session. Being able to ask direct specific queries about issues that they might have with the product is a tremendous boon to customers.

Archived recordings

A common adage states that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately for those who subscribe to that maxim, the prevalence of audio visual technology available to trade show organizers ensures that all aspects of the event can be recorded audibly and with clear visuals. Attendees who might have missed an earlier conference or demonstration in the show will be able to download a recording and get caught up. People who weren’t able to attend all together will be able to access – for a small fee – the entire trade show to be watched at their own pace. The flexibility provided by archived recordings is a tremendous way of digitizing the happenings at trade shows for posterity and future reference.

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