Combining tech and social media at a trade show

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Social Media At A Trade Show

When it comes to planning a successful trade show appearance, it’s crucial to engage attendees. At most events, there can be hundreds or even thousands of exhibitions all competing for attention, and making your booth stand out from the masses is no easy task. It’s not enough to just opt for bright lights or bold signage – you’ll need to open up communication with attendees and give them a chance not just to observe, but to participate.

There’s one very simple way to engage consumers in the places where they’re already active – social media. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram are five areas where many consumers are already talking, sharing and communicating. To interact with them, your business should be active on these platforms, as well.

In addition to making use of social media at corporate headquarters, you’ll also want to bring your social media presence to the trade show. With the help of a qualified AV vendor, you can create an outstanding exhibition making use of social media technology that’ll generate buzz for your business both on and off the show floor.

Start the conversation

The first step in a successful social media campaign is getting the conversation started. At a trade show, this means setting up a digital way for users to communicate about their experiences. One easy way to do this is with a customized Twitter hashtag that aggregates all the content and conversations about your specific trade show appearance. Post the hashtag on your event signage to encourage those at the event to tweet their thoughts, and get the conversation started online with a tweet of your own.

On Facebook, create a post about the event with a question posed to readers. Ask your fans what they’re most looking forward to, or what they hope to see at your trade show booth. Not only will this engage your fan base, it’ll also remind those attending the show to stop by your exhibition when they’re on the trade show floor.

Make participation easy

If you want people to partake in your social media discussion, the best thing you can do is make it easy for them. While most people at a trade show will have their smartphones in their pockets or purses, it never hurts to provide additional gadgets they can play with.

Use tablet or iPad rentals to let users instantly interact with your social media feeds. You can even allow users to connect their phones to your devices using Bluetooth so that they can see their answers going live.

A good AV vendor can help you decide which tech will be right for making your event social media ready.

Reward your fans

It’s always a good idea to reward participation in your social media discussion, and Foursquare is one easy way to do just that! Using Foursquare, you can give attendees who check in to your booth location a free badge or even a discount on goodies next time they’re shopping online or in-store.

For those who come by the booth, you can also offer swag like notepads and key fobs to encourage them to remember your business long after they leave the trade show.

Show off the results

Finally, you want to be sure that those who participate in your conversation can see just how much their opinion matters. Using large LCD screen rentals, you can broadcast your Twitter and Facebook pages live to the whole trade show audience. That way, those who are chatting can see their thoughts and opinions up on the big screen, just moments after they’ve shared them.

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