Take your Trade Show Booths to the Next Level with Advanced AV Displays

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Advanced AV Displays

As companies compete for consumers’ business, you may notice that the bar is continuously being raised with each trade show in which you participate. While you and your team prepare to up the ante in terms of your booth design, you should think of all the ways to integrate striking aesthetics and sophisticated audio visual technology so that you can take a two-pronged approach to attracting attendees. If you are fresh out of ideas, then you may want to examine some examples of the latest innovative AV displays featured at trade shows, modifying them to really make them your own.

Make a Mixed Bag

There is nothing like mixing big and small booth elements in order to make a gigantic impression on exhibition attendees, as demonstrated by Dealertrack Technologies at the National Automobile Dealers Association expo. How exactly did this company play with shapes and sizes to effectively draw participants into its booth? Well, BizBash explained that its representatives started off by making a bold state with an immense, curved screen hung over overhead. This screen was the first thing that passersby saw as they made their way into the venue because there was really no chance to miss it. Being a whopping 130 feet long, this marquee prominently featured the company’ name and logo, which was displayed in blue and white light.

After the business employed this eye-catching mammoth of a screen to entice attendees to come up to its booth, the organization then went small to engage them and teach them about its products. Setting up more than a dozen stations where people could sit down and interact with demos, Dealertrack Technologies managed to pull in participants and provide them critical information in an amusing manner. Not to mention, these stations added an extra dimension of visual appeal, illuminated in blue LED lights.

If you want to make a similar impact with your booth, then you should consider incorporating some variations of these technologies into your design. Draw attention to your space with a remarkable screen rental that will flaunt your brand identity for all to see. Then, once you have everyone hooked, you should direct them to your expertly designed demo stations, boasting top-of-the-line AV equipment rentals to show off your company’s goods and services in an optimal manner. This would make for the ultimate expo experience, and you are bound to be unforgettable among attendees.

Screens Are the Fabric of AV Displays

Sometimes, conventional screens are overrated. Let’s face it, they are bordering on overdone, which means that these traditional monitors could be nothing but white noise to participants perusing trade shows. Instead, you should consider a feature that is out of the box like that used by SMS Audio at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. BizBash described this company’s unique approach to booth displays, highlighting the organization’s use of black displays that were created from cloth. That’s right, this organization decided to push the envelope, hanging dark fabric from the ceiling so that it could form makeshift screens. Images were then projected on the business’ invention, which had a truly original appearance that attendees were likely to find appealing.

You can easily take a similar approach to trade show screening. By employing fabric, which is quite affordable when compared to buying your own displays, you can create incredible visuals with a twist. All you need is a projection rental – yet another cost-efficient option that doesn’t compromise your cutting-edge appearance – and you will be well on your way to making a lasting impression on participants and gaining a great deal of recognition for your brand.

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