Trade Show Lead Generation: 3 Advanced Tips

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Lead Generation at Trade Show

Trade show lead generation and consumer connections are the goals of appearing at a trade show. You’ll have few other opportunities to meet with such a large volume of prospects in a short period, so you have to fully capitalize on conventions in order to find new business.

Many trade shows attract hundreds, if not thousands, of participants. While all of these attendees won’t become your customers, attracting a couple dozen leads can help you build momentum and to increase sales. If you want to achieve this objective, these three trade show lead generation tips can help.

It’s all about the booth

Your booth can make or break your appearance at a trade show. if your exhibit is dull, generic or poorly designed, it’s unlikely that attendees will stop to speak with your sales representatives.

Your exhibit has to be flashy, unique and well-constructed in order to pique consumers’ interests and attract traffic. In most cases, this means relying on state-of-the-art audio visual technology to create a dynamic experience for potential clients. The easiest way to incorporate cutting-edge hardware into your display is to use a screen rental as digital signage. Consider varying the content by switching between branded imagery and relevant updates, such as how many giveaways you have left.

However, it’s not sufficient just to think about the sights, as sound also plays a huge role in how consumers will view your booth. A sound system rental can ensure that you can achieve the perfect noise level to drown out the din of the trade show, so consumers can focus on your products or services.

Of course, you have to look beyond AV equipment as well. Elements like flooring, paper collateral and lead capture systems have a massive impact on the overall success of your booth. Include every resource that can contribute to an immersive brand experience for attendees.

Get up and out

One of the worst strategies you can implement is sitting at your booth and waiting for attendees to come to you. According to Women In Hospitality, this is a common approach, as companies try to collect business cards so they can contact prospects after the event.

The news source explains that an active presence can be much more effective than a passive one. Don’t put a table at the front of your exhibit and have sales representatives sit there – make them stand at the entrance of your booth and speak with passersby.

Furthermore, consider having one employee walk around the venue and engage consumers. The roaming staff member can direct participants to your exhibit, which will give the rest of your team additional opportunities to speak with potential buyers and increase your trade show lead generation.

Capitalize on content

Whitepapers have become a staple in many companies’ online content marketing strategies. The detailed reports can position an enterprise as a thought leader and lend a certain sense of expertise. However, these resources aren’t only useful in digital formats as they can also be beneficial at trade shows.

CBS News reports that Macrovision recently distributed a whitepaper entitled “The ROI of Content Protection for Games” at a convention. Any attendees who wanted a copy could stop by the firm’s booth and take one to read at their convenience.

This strategy can be particularly useful for getting leads to contact you following an expo. Once prospects read a report, they’ll be able to determine whether they want to do business with you. As a result, your sales team will be working with knowledgeable consumers who already understand what your services are and why they are beneficial.

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