Trade show mistakes to avoid

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Trade Show Mistakes

Trade show mistakes are common. No two trade shows are alike; however, they all have a few basic factors that remain the same. With the help of a good audio visual partner businesses can prepare for these universal factors and plan ahead to ensure a flawless event.

To avoid common trade show mistakes, businesses should review and think about these three simple, yet impactful areas.

An outdated display

Technology in general is always evolving and advancing, it is no different for audio visual technology. The devices that are popular today might be outdated quickly and companies have to be ready to implement cutting-edge hardware in order to stand out from the competition and attract attendees.

Some businesses buy their trade show technology, which means they have to use the same equipment at every single convention. As a result, their booths will become stale and static, making it displeasing to the eye and attendees.

The best way to eliminate this trade show mistake is to use AV equipment rental companies. By temporarily accessing state-of-the-art gear, you can ensure that you’ll have a fresh, dynamic booth at every trade show. Furthermore, you can implement creative designs by mixing and matching different devices. For instance, you can use rental monitors to build a video wall at one convention and then use interactive monitors at another.

Tallen Technology can help by providing the ideal trade show rental technology for your needs. Our design team will work with you to develop the perfect solution and choose the optimal technology so your booth will be a show stopper.

The clock beat you

Many trade shows give exhibitors sufficient time to arrive at the site, unload their trucks and construct their displays. Arriving early for your set up is vital, it is unacceptable for anyone to still be assembling items while attendees are already on the floor. If you’re in the middle of hanging your banners or putting your products out when consumers start walking by, you’re already missing out on potential leads. People will think poorly of your company because it wasn’t adequately prepared to meet with potential buyers the moment that the show started.

You should arrive as early as possible to avoid any timing issues. Research when the venue allows presenters to come in and start building their booths to determine when you should be there.

In some instances, you may have an entire day to prepare your display. This can be extremely beneficial, as you’ll have plenty of time to build your exhibit, test the equipment and fix any issues before any attendees see you. Additionally, one of Tallen’s processes is to test all equipment and configurations before it arrives on site. This allows us to save valuable time testing the equipment on site.

Improper placement

According to the Trade Show News Network, placing tables at the front of your booth is a trade show mistake because they act as a barrier between you and consumers. Passersby will feel like your booth is blocked off from the rest of the event, so they won’t engage your employees or ask about your products.

TSSN notes that you should angle your tables to invite consumers into the exhibit. Create an entrance so that people can come and go as they please and won’t feel like they’re trapped with you.

Alternatively, consider not using tables at all. Have an open space at your booth and ask your representatives to treat the exhibit like the sales floor in your establishment. Additionally, you can use iPad rentals to replace paper collateral, making it easy for workers to carry supporting materials when they speak with potential buyers.

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