Why walls need visual elements during general sessions

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Meeting Planners want to ensure that their audiences are engaged by creating vivid displays, but that thinking leaves out some common elements.

Specifically, walls are usually forgotten as meeting hosts focus on other matters that are deemed more important.

According to Meetings Net, some experts have been seeking to rectify this situation. The news source pointed out that Dr. Marla Gottschalk, an industrial and organizational psychologist, has touted the importance of using visual elements in meeting spaces.

“An often overlooked driver of organizational change – our visual surroundings can energize us to become more creative, innovative and engaged,” Gottschalk said.

Additionally, Troy Halsey, author of “The Freelancer’s Guide to Corporate Event Design,” echoed the same sentiments during a presentation at MPI WEC13. Halsey believes that every sense, including sight, has to be engaged in meeting rooms.

Presenters can’t afford to create dynamic sets on stage and leave every wall blank. That approach will prevent the audience from truly engaging with the exhibition, which ultimately means that the hosts are wasting their time. Using decorations and visual elements can ensure that every general session is worthwhile.

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