Every time you need us, Tallen will be there.

Tallen is the preferred audio visual production partner for so many leading companies and organizations because our clients know that we listen- that we know the options- and that we’ll make sure they get what they need. Tallen is there to help every step of the way.

Services for every event

Tallen’s passion for customer service allows our team members to make you feel like you’re our only client while consistently delivering exceptional results.

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  • Knowledge and Expertise. A member of our staff will work with you, as your own personal technology consultant, to help determine the best solution… for your venue, your budget and your objectives.
  • Experience and Competence. Tallen recruits and retains the very best production staff in the industry. We seek out not only those who are technically savvy but also those who have the perfect intersection of management, communications and people skills.
  • Capability and Attention to Detail. Tallen’s focus on details is a central tenant of our core values. We strive to design, implement and operate systems that are technically correct and we ensure through continuing training that we are focused on the leading edge of technology. We’re available 24/7 to support you.
  • Extensive Inventory Resources of Top Line Equipment. We have access to the full range of show quality audio visual, computer and office equipment. Positioned at strategically located warehouses, we can easily deliver the technology you need throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in most parts of the world.

At Tallen, we’re passionate about creating and delivering the very best technology and we’re 100% committed to doing a great job for every one of our clients.

Tallen is centered on a singular goal:
making your job easier.

From the first contact to numerous repeat engagements, each one of Tallen’s
thousands of happy clients undergoes this simple process.



First we work to understand the your needs. Immediately after a query is submitted, a Tallen team member will consult with you to determine your AV requirements. Usually nothing more than a short phone call or email exchange is all it takes for a Tallen member to provide you with service and general pricing information.



After taking into consideration your budget, timing, and location, we’ll work with you to plan for specific venue and location issues and determine any special AV needs or requirements. We’ll provide you with the advice and first-hand knowledge that stems from our global experience of flawlessly executing over 18,000 events annually.



Finally, after we’ve mapped out your path to success, we deliver you a superior event in a professional manner. Then- we evaluate the success of our engagement and start planning the next one. Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ success and satisfaction, and we are proud to maintain an industry-leading client retention rate well above 90%.