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AV Services for An Annual Non-profit Fundraiser

Tallen was honored when the Grand St. Settlement non-profit asked us to provide AV for their annual “Taste of The Lower East Side” fundraiser at Essex Crossing in NYC. Our team ensured the visuals reinforced the non-profit’s message while still amping up the fun. To achieve this in a spread-out venue, we installed multi-space audio so attendees had a consistent musical experience. The projected custom gobos of the client’s colorful logo, content, and signage provided a cohesive focus for donors, while additional uplighting and scenic topiary walls lent dramatic visual impact. Monitors were set up so guests could enjoy the Knick’s game, and Tallen’s on-set technicians were there before, during, and after the event to set everything up, manage AV, and strike equipment. The client was happy, and Tallen was proud to help produce a successful event that encapsulated the giving spirit of New York.


A Trendy Rooftop Experience For A Global Jewelry Designer & Retailer

For this event, the client needed Tallen to transform the rooftop of their Soho showroom into a dynamic, trendy experience to support the launch of a new retail line. One of America’s foremost luxury jewelry and timepiece brands, their event needed to be timeless and sophisticated, just like their products. This particular event environment required careful  planning around the possibility of inclement weather and potentially windy conditions. Since there was no way to put up a tent or move the event inside, we had to plan lighting, audio, and video design around whatever the day might bring! Tallen integrated a lightweight outdoor flexible LED display to bring our client’s message to life. Best of all: the on-screen content adjusted as the sun came down to match the mood of the changing environmental lighting.


Nationwide Broadcast Of A Live Procedural Demonstration For A Communications Company

Live demonstrations present a unique set of challenges for our medical industry clients. This medical communications company, in particular, needed to combine on-site training with a live and virtual audience for their surgical education meeting series. While a doctor performed a procedure, audiences across the U.S. would watch the broadcast in real time. Executing this event flawlessly required a great deal of finesse to maintain proper lighting and camera angles on the procedure without interfering with the medical team. After a successful hybrid event, this live demonstration was repeated in several other cities and broadcast sites across the country.


Custom Staging And Design For A Major Pharmaceutical Company’s Product Launch

One of our major pharmaceutical clients needed to launch a breakthrough product for neurological health. They approached Tallen looking for a creative way to celebrate this momentous occasion. Tallen’s creative teams took inspiration from the product itself, designing event creative to mimic neural synapses. We drove this concept home with a custom stage built in the shape of the new medication’s logo. Jib cameras dramatically revealed the stage’s unique design from above as presenters discussed the research behind and applications for this exciting new product. By looking for inspiration in the product itself, we found an innovative way to generate excitement and support the event’s overall message.


Nationwide Educational Broadcast For A Pharmaceutical Company

Our client came to us with a challenging webinar event that included broadcasting to over 300 restaurants on the same night, across six different time zones. This client has been a loyal and satisfied customer for years and the Tallen team was eager to rise to the challenge! The planning and preparation required careful attention to detail, but Tallen’s project manager kept the webcast team on track and delivered the project, exceeding every KPI. Each of the remote sites required dedicated equipment and on-site technicians. In the end, Tallen executed another flawless broadcast to yet another happy client.


Ringing The Bell At A Large Conference For A Major Financial Company

During their annual conference, one of Tallen’s clients in the financial sector had the honor of ringing the opening bell for NASDAQ; a moment they wanted to share with their global audience. That meant we needed to coordinate between the NASDAQ trading floor, a Times Square location, a remote event location, and with thousands of online viewers: one shot, no mistakes, no do-overs. It was critical that their event production partner could ensure this momentous occasion was captured and shared with the conference attendees. Leveraging our global broadcast capabilities, we were able to share this iconic moment, both with the event’s thousands of attendees and with a global, tuned-in audience. This particular challenge required impeccable timing to coordinate the broadcast with the ringing of the bell. It was an honor that our client was given this opportunity; bringing them in with clear audio and video at the exact right time was a responsibility we were proud to deliver on.


Oktoberfest Goes Hybrid

When a global company wasn’t able to hold their usual Oktoberfest conference due to the pandemic, they turned to Tallen for a creative virtual event solution. By designing a custom environment in one of our virtual platforms, we were able to help them recreate the experience of mingling in an Oktoberfest beer hall. Attendees were able to float freely from room to room, enter private conversations with one another, and network as if they were face-to-face, all while hearing and seeing everything going on publicly in the room around them. To make the event even more immersive, Tallen’s creative team designed the virtual environment to look like a German beer hall, coupled with broadcasting from an actual beer tasting in Munich into our customized platform.


Recreating The Studio Experience For Syfy Network Filming In Los Angeles

This client contacted Tallen with a unique request and an abbreviated timeline. They chose to recreate a segment of their TV show outdoors in the Los Angeles area. On this particular show, contestants completed challenges in a pitch-black environment. The Tallen team had just two weeks to figure out how to set up this environment on the bustling streets of Los Angeles. We integrated an infrared camera system, which allowed us to capture live footage in total darkness. We then displayed this footage on a seamless video wall built into the outside of the portable studio. This particular event was challenging from an audio standpoint due to sound level variability. One moment, contestants would be calm and whispering; the next, they could be screaming in panic! The event’s success hinged on our audio tech remaining focused on the contestants and anticipating their next move. This experiential event was an exciting opportunity to replicate the technical ability and environment of the television studio, working with Hollywood talent to execute a seamless event.


Customizing Virtual Platforms For Engaging Broadcasts Around The World

This international client has trusted Tallen with the virtual broadcasts for several of their worldwide divisions. During the pandemic, they wanted to elevate their events’ overall look and feel to help keep their global partners connected. To help bring everybody together, we customized our virtual platforms and integrated augmented reality. The most challenging aspect of bringing this client’s vision to fruition was coordinating, scaling, and performing hundreds of pre-recordings for integration into their broadcasts. Additionally, considering the company’s global presence, we needed to go above and beyond to make the content accessible. For example, for the company’s APAC division, we were required to design our platform in Japanese, handling everything from copywriting to technical translations. Tallen’s virtual solutions created a simple, engaging way for this client to connect with their high-end executive financial partners around the globe.


Delivering A Truly Dynamic LED Experience For Our Exhibit House Partners

One of our exhibit house clients needed help designing and delivering a truly dynamic, innovative LED experience. More specifically, they needed their client’s booth to capture and hold attendees’ attention on a crowded trade show floor. Using flexible LED tiles, Tallen’s team filled a giant curved structure that towered over every other exhibit booth at the Javits Center. This focal piece was an unmissable draw, made even more enticing by immersive content and audio tracks from Tallen’s creative team. The installation budget was a significant challenge in bringing this booth to life. The Javits Center in New York City is heavily unionized. To help reduce labor costs, we pre-built sections of the booth so it would require dramatically less on-site labor to assemble. At the time, this booth wall was the largest ever installation of flexible LED tiles. It served as the perfect medium to convey the client’s message and create an immersive booth experience.


Creating A Face-To-Face Experience For A Virtual Audience

This long-standing client had trusted Tallen to produce their live events for years. When the pandemic hit, they came to us with an entirely new concept: how could they recreate the experience of being on the trade show floor for an entirely virtual audience? This particular event required outside-the-box thinking and innovative ways to keep a virtual audience fully engaged. From a gamified exhibit booth experience, complete with prizes, to a “virtual couch” where presenters could conduct interviews, we simulated the live experience as closely as possible. This virtual event was so successful that the client has chosen to continue running hybrid events. With the addition of a virtual component, their attendees can participate in real-time or save the event for convenient on-demand access, making these events bigger and better than ever for our client.


Designing A Custom Environment For A Major Insurance Provider

This client presented Tallen with the opportunity to take over Pier Sixty in New York City. Their goal was to create a completely custom environment for their Global Investor Meeting. They wanted their event production partner to design an innovative, unique experience for existing clients and potential clients while demonstrating their new software. They left the details up to Tallen’s creative and production teams. We designed an immersive experience for this event that included an LED wall, furniture, multiple sections, a camera broadcast, and custom-built room dividers. A large screen and major video production helped investors and potential investors see the new software firsthand. This sneak peek of the tech and an immersive, branded environment made for a highly successful, one-of-a-kind meeting and a satisfied client.

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I appreciate your dedication to making our show the best possible program it can be with all your insights and suggestions – we are lucky to have your support! I could not have asked for a better crew, including the two gentlemen who literally went out of their way to assist me.

— Kristin Brown, Director, US Educational Events & Tradeshows