Rendering Library


Stylish Modular Set Design

SS1: Pinwheels • SS2: Drizzle • SS3: Honeycombs • SS4: Wafers • SS5: Split Wafers – 3 screens • SS6: Pleated Columns
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Truss Based Staging Systems

TB1: Center Walk Stage with Truss Surrounds • TB2: Theater in the Round Stage with Truss Surrounds • TB3: Xgames Truss Concept • TB4: Center Truss Screen
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Large Screen Blended Video Systems

BV1: Wide Screen with Picture in Picture (PIPS) • BV2: Center Wide Screen with Drizzle Elements • BV3: Center Wide Screen with Truss Elements • BV4: Center Wide Screen with Box Elements • BV5: Center Wide Screen with Diamond Elements • BV6: Center Wide Screen with Tri panel Surround • BV7: Center Wide Screen with Tri panel Surround and Underside • BV8: Center Wide Screen with 2 side screens
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Block & Fabric Sets

These highly modular and functional sets can be incorporated into a wide variety of settings and with the use of lighting technology the possibilities are endless:
B1: Panels and Boxes Single Center Video Screen • B2: Tri Panel Surrounds and Center Stage • B3: Modular Center Stage • B4: Center Stage Curved Uprights and Blocks • B5: Mosaic Curved Panels Center with Blocks • B6: Center Blocks and Curved Uprights • B7: Tri Panels and Surrounds • B8: Floating Stage Elements • B9: Squards and Surrounds • B10: Tri panels and Panels • B11: Blocks and Floats • B12: Blocks and Floats • B13: Blocks and Floats • B14: Tri panels and Floats • B15: Tri panels, Block Surrounds, and Diamond Walls • B16: Block Surrounds and Center Block • B17: Upright Curved Panels and Tri panel Surrounds • B18: Light Mosaic and Curved Surrounds • B19: Block Surround and Fabric Wings • B20: Intimate Block and Center Panel • B21: Center Block and Tri panel around Branding Wall • B22: Tripanel and Offset Screen • B23: Free Standing Elements • B24: Blocks with Lighting
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Fabric Sails & Fashion Show Sets

F1: Triangle Spandex • F2: Truss Upright and Spandex Sails • F3: Triangle Sails and Surrounds • F4: Spandex Triangles and 3 Screens • FS1: Fashion Show Set
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Truss & Fabric

TS1: Truss and Fabric Set • TS2: Truss and Fabric with 2 screens • TS3: Truss and Fabric with 3 screens
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Hard Set

HS1: 3 Screen Hard Set • HS2: Hard Set
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After taking into consideration your budget, timing, and location, we’ll work with you to plan for specific venue and location issues and determine any special AV needs or requirements. We’ll provide you with the advice and first-hand knowledge that stems from our global experience of flawlessly executing over 18,000 events annually.



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