Virtual Meetings & Events Case Studies


Seamlessly Delivering a Series of Dinner Meetings for a Medical Education Company

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Recently, a medical education company asked Tallen to deliver over 800 dinner meetings over a 6-month period across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In addition to providing the equipment and technicians onsite for all these venues, Tallen managed the production schedule to ensure each meeting had the appropriate presentations and videos for playback. These presentations and videos were conditional based on the actual presenter out of a team of several dozen who may be assigned to the specific meeting. In all, the entire series was delivered without a hitch.

Planning & Executing a Virtual Meeting at Over 100 Meeting Sites for a Major Pharmaceutical Company

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For this client, Tallen handled all aspects of planning and execution for an extensive webcast meeting. Preparation and planning was very important to be able to handle over 100 meeting sites at once and to ensure connectivity and wireless backup in the event of any internet failure during the event. In addition to handling the connections and network of remote sites, we were also responsible for video shoot coordination, video streaming, and local onsite support. ARS was integrated using a virtual platform from each site sending results directly to the studio and experienced technicians were on site for support before, during, and after the webcast.

Broadcasting an Educational Event to Over a Dozen Sites Across the United States

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Tallen recently partnered with a client to deliver an educational event in Orlando, FL to over 300 attendees in multiple concurrent sessions during a dinner session and leverage the power of the internet to deliver the same content to about a dozen sites across the United States. The broadcast site was technically designed and managed by Tallen’s team, uploading a camera and content feed from each of the rooms up to the webcast broadcasting facility. Additionally, every site was surveyed and evaluated by specially-trained Tallen Webcast Certified Technicians before the event. Each receiving site was also set up by Tallen’s team. Tallen’s proprietary webcast management processes and systems ensured that the entire event went off flawlessly.

Broadcasting a Surgical Demonstration to More than 50 Sites Across the Country in Real Time

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Understanding the unique aspects required for a surgical educational meeting, Tallen executed this meeting series combining onsite training with a virtual audience. At the broadcast site, a doctor injected a patient with a new medical drug for varicose veins. The technical aspects of this meeting were challenging since the encoding and broadcasting was done on site. Within the educational event space, audio visual equipment was strategically placed around the patient table to allow an audience of thirty to observe the instructor infuse the patient with the drug. This live demonstration was simultaneously broadcasted in real time to fifty other sites across the US and an additional twenty-five desktop sites. After a successful hybrid event, this series was repeated in several other cities live and numerous other broadcast sites across the US.

A Long Time Client Challenges Tallen to Broadcast Across 4 Time Zones Simultaneously

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Our client came to us with a challenging project including broadcasting to over 270 sites on the same night at the same time over four different time zones. This challenge was first presented to us by our client who has been a loyal and satisfied customer for years. The planning and preparation was a challenge, but Tallen’s webcast manager kept the webcast team in order and delivered the project, organized and on time. In the end, Tallen executed another flawless webcast to yet another happy client.

Tallen is centered on a singular goal: making your job easier.

From the first contact to numerous repeat engagements, each one of Tallen’s thousands of happy clients undergoes this simple process.



First we work to understand the your needs. Immediately after a query is submitted, a Tallen team member will consult with you to determine your AV requirements. Usually nothing more than a short phone call or email exchange is all it takes for a Tallen member to provide you with service and general pricing information.



After taking into consideration your budget, timing, and location, we’ll work with you to plan for specific venue and location issues and determine any special AV needs or requirements. We’ll provide you with the advice and first-hand knowledge that stems from our global experience of flawlessly executing over 18,000 events annually.



Finally, after we’ve mapped out your path to success, we deliver you a superior event in a professional manner. Then- we evaluate the success of our engagement and start planning the next one. Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ success and satisfaction, and we are proud to maintain an industry-leading client retention rate well above 90%.

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