A Peek Into the Future of Emerging Audio Visual Equipment Technologies

Posted By Tallen | January 24, 2024

As AV industry pros, we’re always looking for advances in audio visual equipment, technology, and emerging trends that could take our client’s events to the next level. As we embrace the new year, we’re also reflecting on the new AV developments that 2023 brought about. Here are our top picks for exciting gear and equipment we expect to see more of in 2024.

The Competitive Market Driving Quality Audio Visual Equipment

Currently valued at $265.10 billion, the AV industry is experiencing exponential growth with no signs of stopping. Considering how many markets have embraced audio visual technology, it’s no wonder that competition among manufacturers is fierce. With consumer demand higher than ever, the race to create the best and most innovative products is on, and the results are pretty cutting-edge.

The AV Equipment of the Future 

Not all of our picks are brand new because some haven’t always been commercially available or scalable. For example, 2D and 3D projection mapping was introduced to the market in the early 2000s but only recently hit its stride in the past two years, increasing in quality and affordability. Meanwhile, other technologies, like holographic projections, are still democratizing in terms of price and practicality. Let’s look at the trends events professionals are embracing in visuals and sound. 

A Feast for the Eyes

Visual storytelling is a powerful event industry tool because the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text or auditory information. Regardless of your event’s type or size, it’s crucial for your visuals to be engaging so attendees can retain and comprehend the message. 

2D and 3D projection mapping is an excellent way to achieve this because the effect is visually striking and more accessible than static imagery. While 2D mapping enables you to project images on expansive, flat surfaces, 3D mapping takes it further by projecting images onto three-dimensional surfaces. For example, a sphere suspended from the ceiling can look like the Earth. With projection mapping, events are no longer relegated to traditional venues since you can utilize a variety of structures and landscapes. This kind of experiential strategy is much more effective than static visuals, and the endless applications make this audio visual equipment a no-brainer pick. 

Wireless televisions are also creating a buzz in the AV and consumer market. Particularly the highly anticipated Displace TV, which users can literally stick to a wall and control with hand gestures rather than remotes. For exhibitions or trade shows, wireless televisions allow attendees to learn about their products by not only watching a video about it but also interacting with the video through physical motion. Speakers can present information at dinner meetings or breakout rooms with greater ease and flexibility. Plus, there’s no compromising image quality; the OLED screen produces razor-sharp resolution and wide viewing angles. 

In the event world, seeing is believing. Given that projection mapping and wireless televisions are an asset in this regard, we expect to see a major incline in their use. 

Immersive Environments

Think of how different your formative years might have been if you could have directly experienced what you were taught. What if your history class could have witnessed Martin Luther King’sI Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or flown over the Sahara for geography lessons? Indeed, immersive learning is now possible with artificial and virtual reality products and presents exciting applications in the event space. 

For example, with AR/VR technology, virtual attendees can attend trade shows, tour the booths, and interact with exhibitors as they would in real life. Presenters can simplify complex concepts and ideas by bringing data and information to life in a virtual environment. Corporate training can reach more employees and help them learn new software and practices by immersing them in the content. 

AR/VR offers cost-effective, carbon-neutral, and DEI-friendly solutions for companies that want to reach a larger audience while achieving their internal goals. We anticipate more and more organizations utilizing this technology as prices continue to decrease.

Choose Tallen for Advanced Audio Visual Equipment and Expertise

Undoubtedly, the rollout of newer and better audio visual equipment is shaping the event industry and attendees’ expectations. Your AV partner plays a pivotal role in ensuring your event remains relevant in an ever-changing landscape. At Tallen, we achieve this by using cutting-edge technology to support your event’s agenda and upgrade the audience experience. Contact us today and find out how we can make your next event a successful one.