The Essential AV Equipment Checklist for Hybrid Meetings

Posted By Tallen | December 26, 2022

Hybrid meetings are on the rise, largely because they provide unprecedented levels of convenience, accessibility, and synergy across virtual and live audiences. But a glitch-free hybrid meeting requires high-quality AV equipment and the know-how to put it to work. Here at Tallen, we talked to a few of our expert technicians to get their input on the essential AV equipment checklist you need to run a successful hybrid meeting.

Essential AV Equipment Checklist

Of course, the answer to “What’s essential?” will change based on the nature of your hybrid meeting. For example, the platform you use will dictate, in large part, the AV equipment required to power it effectively. Still, a few pieces of gear are crucial to your hybrid meeting’s success. 

Computer & Internet

It might seem obvious, but this was the number one response from our team of technicians. Because hybrid meetings must facilitate both a live and virtual audience, a dedicated event computer and strong internet connection are absolutely non-negotiable. 

Your computer serves as the foundation for the virtual aspect of your meeting. Using something more portable, like a smartphone or tablet, might be tempting. But these smaller devices have limitations in size and power, making them insufficient to host a high-tech hybrid event. Instead, opt for a high-powered laptop computer with ample storage space. 

Next, you’ll need to consider your event’s internet capabilities. Currently, internet is one of the most significant technology-related expenses an event can incur, especially since we’ve seen a significant increase from venues post-COVID. And that excludes wireless connectivity for attendees. In general, we recommend 5 mbps of dedicated bandwidth for receiving a stream, such as a remote presenter. We suggest 10 mbps of dedicated service for streaming video out of your meeting.

Flexible Switcher with Stream Deck

Video switchers allow you to stream audio and video from multiple sources within your hybrid meeting room. In addition, they can save multiple graphic backgrounds, picture-in-picture (PIP), and SuperSource. These elements alone can elevate your hybrid meeting from basic Zoom to TV-level production. 

One of our team’s most popular switchers is the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO. This switcher has a compact design and robust capabilities, allowing for professional multi-camera production of up to 8 HDMI channels. Plus, ATEM Mini models feature a built-in hardware streaming engine, which works with any streaming software. 

Pairing a flexible switcher with a stream deck allows for instant, powerful, and seamless switches. The result is a clean, professional hybrid experience.  

High-Quality Camera & Microphones

One challenge of hybrid meetings is ensuring that the live and virtual audiences have a cohesive experience. The virtual audience should feel like they’re in the room, which is impossible if they’re staring at grainy, pixelated video or listening to low-quality sound. The right AV equipment should make your virtual audience feel like they’re sitting in the front row.

A camera with an option to stream out the video feed via USB or HDMI is a must. You’ll need a professional grade camera to stream high-quality video. 

But high-quality cameras and microphones alone aren’t enough. It’s also essential to have the appropriate amount of each. For example, some events incorporate a dedicated microphone for participants, at least one camera that faces the live audience, and one or more cameras dedicated to the stage and meeting presenters. 

An Experienced Team

The key to a successful hybrid event isn’t the AV equipment at all. Instead, success hinges on having a skilled technical team and adequate support staff. This is where Tallen truly shines. Every team member has experience with many different scenarios and the ability to deliver every time. 

We think our technical team says it best: 

The success of a hybrid meeting often comes down to our ability to create a sense of connection between live and virtual rooms. This is where great technicians simply can’t be replaced. We must be firing on all cylinders. As with live AV production, our ultimate goal is to become invisible, and achieving this requires perfection. The right equipment gives us a fighting chance at that lofty goal, but at the end of the day, it’s on the team to deliver.

Let Tallen Handle the AV Equipment Checklist For Your Next Hybrid Meeting

With the right AV equipment and an experienced team to run it, hybrid events elevate both the in-person and virtual experience. Every month, the Tallen team is on-site or behind the scenes of thousands of meetings worldwide. Let us take the guesswork out of your next hybrid event with the essential AV equipment and a dedicated technical team. Contact us today to learn more about how Tallen can power your next hybrid event.