AV Rental Companies Like Tallen Are Raising The Bar

Posted By Tallen | November 21, 2022

In decades past, AV rental companies have been all about inventory. After all, this gear creates dynamic, engaging, and rich event experiences. But what good is a pile of AV equipment without the right team and expertise to make it work? In our 20 years of experience, we’ve learned that the world’s best AV rental companies go above and beyond to raise the bar in a few key ways. 

Technology & Innovation

Event technology is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. Since founding Tallen, we’ve seen countless new tools and platforms shape events (and how attendees experience them). From touchless environments to smart integrations and the latest in virtual or hybrid platforms, today’s event experts need to stay at the forefront of innovation. 

On a related note, you should be able to rely on your AV company as true specialists. While you might come to the table with ideas about the type of equipment you need, a true AV partner won’t just nod along. Instead, they’ll ask questions that get to the “Why” of your event so that they can make tailored recommendations that help elevate it. 

Creative design & full-service production

Even the most advanced AV technology can fall flat without creativity and innovation driving it. As a full-service event production partner, Tallen handles every aspect of events, not just the AV rentals. From unique graphic design to creative staging, lighting, and sound systems, Tallen is proud to be a key player in some of today’s most innovative events in venues throughout the world. 

Customer service & on-site support

Most event owners and meeting planners aren’t AV technology experts. Nor should they have to be! After all, you have plenty on your plate without doing mic checks and ensuring the lighting is cued. That’s why the best AV rental companies go beyond being rental companies. They’re committed to client support throughout the lifetime of an event. 

Since the very beginning, Tallen has been committed to providing exceptional customer service. Event owners who partner with us expect concierge-level support at every step. As our Tallen family has grown, so have our capabilities. But regardless of our growth, we know we’re only as good as our last interaction. 

An AV Rental Company That Does So Much More!

Any AV equipment rental company can drop off a pile of gear at your event venue. But it takes a true event production partner to elevate your event concept by contributing creative ideas and technical expertise. At Tallen, we’ve been committed to raising the bar since 2002. As a result, Tallen provides unmatched service and professionalism at every event. Get in touch to learn more about how we can create impactful events together!