3 Event Considerations Unique to Hybrid Event Production

Posted By Tallen | January 18, 2023

Technology has forever altered the way we think about events. These days, global experts can deliver the keynote at your event without the expense and inconvenience of international travel. Virtual audiences can log on at their convenience, and the constraints of physical venues no longer limit event size. And with the return of in-person conferences and tradeshows, many event organizers have embraced hybrid event production as the best of both worlds.  

By combining elements of in-person and virtual events, hybrid events expand your event’s reach and impact, making it possible to connect with global audiences like never before. But hybrid event production also has a unique set of considerations and challenges. So what are the keys to running a successful hybrid event? 

Top Considerations for Hybrid Event Production

If you’re like most event organizers, you’re already invested in the idea of going hybrid. But planning your first hybrid event can feel like twice as much work. Not only do you need to create an immersive, engaging experience for your in-person attendees, but you must also check the right boxes to ensure your virtual audiences don’t feel like an afterthought. 

Tallen’s Virtual Meetings Department has added value to hybrid events of all shapes and sizes for over a decade. During that time, we’ve learned that key considerations when planning a hybrid event boil down to audience engagement, timing, and your overall production goals. 

#1: Audience Engagement

For in-person attendees, your event is likely a sensory-rich experience. From the moment they enter the venue, they can see, hear, and interact with your event and each other. Being able to physically attend an event also reduces distractions and makes it easier to keep audiences engaged. 

With virtual attendees, things aren’t always so straightforward. Your event might be competing with the neighbor’s barking dog, arguing kids, and a running mental to-do list a mile long. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of event multi-tasking: trying to fold the laundry or do the dishes while half-heartedly paying attention to a Zoom meeting. 

Keeping a virtual audience’s attention requires strategic planning and expert hybrid event production. At Tallen, our goal is to make hybrid events feel seamless so that virtual and live audiences have a cohesive experience. Thanks to over a decade of experience, we’re ahead of the curve in creating innovative engagement opportunities for both live and virtual audiences.

#2: Production Value

Virtual and hybrid audiences in 2020 may have forgiven awkward transitions and tech glitches. But two years later, these same attendees expect a lot more from event organizers. That means higher-quality streaming, crystal-clear audio, and well-rehearsed transitions. For example, while grainy web cameras sufficed just a few years ago, hybrid audiences now expect virtual events to be streamed at full 1080p or even up to 4K video.

Furthermore, technology like green screen, XR studios, and professional graphic design can increase the look and feel of hybrid events for remote attendees. Instead of streaming content that looks and feels like a routine Zoom meeting or webinar, Tallen can raise the bar with immersive and interactive environments.

See some examples of our past hybrid environments

#3: Hybrid Event Production Goals

In our experience, many event organizers do things backward regarding hybrid events. They’ll start with available technology and work backward to see what type of experience is possible. At Tallen, we prefer to keep your hybrid event production goals and ideal outcomes front and center. Then, once we know what you’d like to achieve, we can design a custom AV solution that makes it happen. 

During the pre-planning stage of your event, we’ll work collaboratively with you to define your production goals. These considerations might include the following:

  • Virtual attendees—Do you need to facilitate live and virtual audiences, live and virtual speakers, or both? 
  • Interactivity—Will virtual audiences interact in real-time or access recorded materials after the event? 
  • Virtual platform—Have you already committed to a virtual platform or need recommendations?

By defining what a successful event looks like, we can design seamless experiences that hit the mark.

A Trusted Team of Hybrid Event Production Experts

The Tallen team has over a decade of experience navigating the challenges and opportunities that hybrid event production presents. Whether we coordinate a live broadcast across multiple time zones, design an immersive virtual trade show experience, or innovate ways to engage live and remote audiences seamlessly, we take a proactive approach to create impactful hybrid events. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can bring your next hybrid event to life through professional hybrid event production.