Creative Ways to Use An LED Video Wall at Your Next Event

Posted By Tallen | February 14, 2023

Whether you need a visually immersive and dynamic stage for your General Session or want your trade show booth to pop in the exhibit hall, LED walls are a versatile option for many events. Plus, as technology continues to improve, they’re a more practical option than ever before. So if you’re considering an LED video wall for your next event, here are some of our favorite ways to put them to work.  

Creative uses for an LED video wall

If you’ve recently attended a conference, trade show, or other corporate event, you’ve likely seen LED walls in action. They’re becoming an increasingly integral part of the live event experience. The top creative uses for an LED video wall include: 

Changeable and dynamic scenic

Add more ambiance to your event setting with an LED video wall. Whether they serve as a dynamic extension of your stage design or comprise the bulk of the design itself, LED walls can create a more immersive experience in venues that don’t easily facilitate projectors. Think of it as a canvas that content is painted on. However, unlike traditional stage design, this canvas allows for motion, graphics, and scene changes with just the touch of a button. 

Information sharing

LED video walls are gaining importance in conference halls for one simple reason: they add immense value to presentations with pictures, illustrations, charts, videos, and other visual information sharing. Thanks to the massive advancements in LED display technology, LED light displays are lighter, more flexible, and provide sharper images. With their superb image quality, you can ensure your important information gets seen. 

More interactive events

Want to add more engagement to your corporate event? Turn your video wall system into a tool for audience interaction! Many LED video walls can link to smartphones and tablets, making them an ideal way to display on-the-fly poll results, share audience insights, and moderate Q&A sessions. 

You can even use touch walls to create floor-to-ceiling interactive displays, like a fashion company client used during a product launch. During the event, an artist drew customers’ faces behind the new sunglass series, then displayed them on a large video wall. This was a creative, engaging way for potential customers to “try on” the new product in a larger-than-life application. 

Crystal clear demos

LED walls can give your attendees unmatched views of real-time demos, no matter where they are in the audience. So whether you’re demonstrating a new product, medical procedure, or anything in between, the right LED video wall setup gives every audience member a front seat to the action. 

Is an LED wall right for your event? 

While an LED video wall can add value to just about every event, there are a few things to consider before investing in this technology. 

Adequate time for setup

LED technology has come a long way from the time-intensive, clunky setups of even a few years ago. Still, proper setup and testing require an adequate time window. This is especially true for custom installations and unique configurations. If your event is on a tight or abbreviated timeline, there might be better options than this one. 

Creative content that leverages the LED wall

To maximize your investment in an LED video wall, developing creative content worth displaying is important! When conceptualizing your event creative, consider the unique benefits of an LED wall versus other types of displays like projectors or static scenic designs. If you’re unsure how to design creative elements for an LED display, Tallen’s full-service in-house creative team can help. 

Venue configuration and audience distance

Years ago, you had to stand further away from video screens for things to look crisp. However, continuous improvements have made it possible to use LED walls in environments where attendees are much closer to the display. Keep in mind more cost-effective options for LED displays are available, but they may not have the same picture quality when viewed up close. 

Quality of video processing equipment

The quality of the video processing equipment that goes along with your LED video wall will be dictated, in large part, by the type of content you need to display. For example, dynamic picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities and layered content will require more robust video equipment to feed the LED wall. 

Stay on the cutting edge of LED wall integration

Tallen has stayed at the forefront of LED wall design and implementation for corporate events throughout the globe. Years ago, we were responsible for what was—at the time—the largest-ever installation of flexible LED tiles to create a curved wall at a tradeshow. This installation at the Javits Center in NYC was a momentous milestone for us! As LED technology continues to improve, the possibilities keep expanding. So if you’re interested in using an LED video wall at your next event, get in touch with us! Not only can we work with you and the event venue to install something reliable, functional, and impactful. But we can also design the on-screen creative that sets your event a notch above the rest.