How Tallen’s Global Events Production Team Supports International Meetings

Posted By Tallen | December 27, 2023

When Andy Taffin and Harry Lavallen teamed up to start Tallen over twenty years ago, the notion of producing global events seemed like a distant goal. As it turned out, they produced their first international event within three years of business, and their global events production volume has only grown from there. Here are some things Tallen’s learned along the way to help make producing overseas events easier for meeting planners.

Communication Is Key in Global Events Production

Like with national events, the pre-planning stage is key; this is the phase of your journey where communication with your AV partner is crucial. Share all your information about your event: Including the venue, audience size, agenda, schedule, messaging, speakers, presentations, and streaming or recording needs. 

Meeting planners usually come prepared with this information and more, but when in doubt, over-communicate.  Any professional AV provider would welcome and prefer prolific correspondence because it often contains significant pieces of knowledge. It also helps cover planners in the event of a miscommunication.  

Navigating Cultural and Logistical Differences

Producing events in other countries is exciting and tricky because of language barriers, cultural characteristics, differing work-life philosophies, varying technology, and setting or structural needs. Partnering with a global AV company like Tallen goes a long way in navigating these distinctions.

Flexible Labor Approach

For example, Tallen can help clients understand the nuances of international labor requirements and customs. Comprehending logistical elements like these will help planners produce flawless events. Additionally, local staff members will appreciate your respect for their cultural values enough to have accounted for them.

Language Translation

Language is obviously a key factor in an event’s success. Tallen has multilingual technicians, managers, and producers who can help with translation and avoid misunderstandings. As an illustration, a new client related just how wrong things went when they worked with a non-global AV provider. The event was overseas, and the client requested large 3M brand easel pads to use during breakout sessions. Something was clearly lost in communication because, upon arrival, the client was provided with tiny square sticky notes. While this anecdote isn’t a dramatic crisis, it could have been averted with a more knowledgeable company like Tallen—which is why the client sought us out!

International Design Considerations

In the U.S., pipe and drape structures are a common design element utilized to partition rooms, conceal backstages, provide backdrops, and more. A popular alternative in Europe, however, is built-in structure walls. So, choosing a global events production company like Tallen, whose design team has experience working with unique scenic and technological materials, helps create a seamless atmosphere.

Technology, Time Zones, and the Internet 

International locations have different electrical compatibility requirements. That’s why Tallen maintains a robust coterie of global equipment suppliers and backup supplies to ensure technological success. We’re also educated on Wi-Fi capabilities in various countries, so our clients are never in the dark about connectivity or internet-related charges. 

If your event has a hybrid element that requires live streaming, then our on-site technicians take care of time zone considerations and multilingual closed captioning. So you can rest easy knowing that all attendees are receiving your message!

Tallen’s Secret Sauce

We have outstanding partnerships throughout the globe that allow us to have consistent, high-quality labor and equipment that we can reliably supply for events. Most importantly, our team’s ability to reliably deliver great experiences builds ongoing client relationships that last for years.

These enduring collaborations grant Tallen a level of insight that enables us to be the conduit between our clients and our international partners so that their events are as seamless as they would be in America. 

Choose Tallen as Your Global Events Production Partner

At Tallen, we become an extension of our clients’ teams. Your success is our success. That’s why we go above and beyond to create an unforgettable, polished experience that delivers your message to attendees in an impactful way. Learn more about the Tallen difference and reach out to make your next event one to remember.