Our Top Tech-Driven Networking Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Posted By Tallen | March 08, 2023

Corporate event networking is crucial to successful business relationships across many industries. And in today’s tech-driven world, event planners are increasingly turning to AV for innovative networking solutions. Luckily, their options are more robust than ever, especially with the right forethought and planning. Here are some of our favorite ways to leverage AV technology for creative networking at your next corporate event. 

Structured vs. Organic Event Networking

What comes to mind when you hear the words “corporate event networking”? You could picture happy hour meet-ups or professionals casually mingling around the hors d’oeuvres table. Or you might imagine more structured round tables and breakout rooms. At its essence, networking is about empowering event attendees to create meaningful industry connections.  

In our experience, networking can be divided into two main categories: structured and organic. During structured networking, certain groups or individuals are brought together by design. For example, having a breakout session that’s just for general managers or speed networking for young professionals. By contrast, organic networking creates opportunities for individuals or groups to move and connect more spontaneously. These “unstructured” networking opportunities still require plenty of coordination on the event planner’s end. These organic networking opportunities include things like happy hour or live music events. 

Creative, Tech-Driven Networking Ideas for Your Next Event

Gamification and Contests

Networking doesn’t have to feel like a chore! Games and contests add an element of fun to corporate networking events. And technology helps bring those games and contests to life! For example, you can create a city-wide scavenger hunt and upload contest standings to a centrally-located digital leaderboard. Or set up a Jeopardy-style game that pits regional teams against each other for prizes (and glory). Using AV to announce and prominently display the results helps keep the spirit of competition alive! 


Broadcasting is an excellent option for both live and hybrid events. For example, you can set up a central studio and multiple breakout rooms throughout the venue. By broadcasting between the primary studio and the breakout rooms, audiences can participate in different types of networking—educational talks, dance competitions, and more—while staying connected to the main event through AV. This creative use of AV technology allows your attendees to see and hear each while participating in the activities they’re most interested in and comfortable with. 

Streaming Attendee-Created Content

Handing creative control over to your attendees is one innovative way to create engagement on the conference, meeting, or trade show floor. For example, you can task individuals or small groups with recording interviews, skits, or other video content. Then, Tallen can edit that content and share it with the rest of the event. For example, we used attendee-created content at one event to stage a “Shark Tank” scenario. To participate, different teams presented their ideas to improve the company in small, recorded skits. This sort of content creates a fun environment and allows people to be more social and engaged with each other. 

Incorporating Networking Into Your Corporate Events

Technology can expand the ways that we connect. But at the end of the day, networking is about creating human connections and getting to know one another. So if you’re looking for creative ways to incorporate networking into your next corporate event, here are a few considerations to help guide your decision-making process. 

Who is your audience? 

Your audience demographic will dictate the most appropriate networking avenues. For example, is your event connecting industry professionals in a B2B context? Are you encouraging connections between regional teams within your company? Or are you trying to connect industry professionals with a consumer audience? 

How big is your audience? 

The networking options for an audience of ten will look significantly different from an audience of 1,000. For smaller audiences, something as simple as assigned seating during a dinner meeting could open up networking opportunities. For larger audiences, you’ll need to consider event space constraints and more creative ways for like-minded attendees to connect. 

Why is networking important to your audience?

This question gets to the heart of networking. Why is it important for your attendees to connect with one another in the context of your event? Are you just trying to support stronger personal bonds, or is there a greater purpose? Are your attendees interested in connecting with thought leaders and influencers in their industry? Or are you trying to connect product developers with potential investors? 

Bringing Event Apps and AV Together

For years, event apps have been the easiest way to get people engaged and networking. And when you want to display information from the app in the meeting room, Tallen can help! The appropriate AV helps bring your app content to life in a larger format. 

When selecting an event app platform, we recommend looking for something that can be programmed to fit your specific needs. For instance, many include games, interactivity, and challenges that can be customized. It’s also important to brand the app and create cohesion between app content and the design/feel of your live meeting. 

Partner with Tallen for Impactful, Tech-Driven Networking

There are endless ways to use AV technology to elevate networking at events. As your full-service event production partner, we can apply state-of-the-art technology to create innovative networking experiences. Interested in leveraging AV and technology at your next event? Get in touch to learn more about how our team can bring your vision to life!