4 things to keep in mind as your dinner meeting draws near

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Dinner Meeting

Are you planning a dinner meeting to introduce attendees to a new guest speaker, reward them for their performance or simply give them a chance to meet one another? No matter why you’re hosting a dinner meeting, by now, you know that the planning process can be stressful.

But you’ve worked hard, and now you’re ready to pull off the perfect event. Here are four things to keep in mind as the date for your dinner meeting draws near and your event looms in the future.

Is the venue prepared?

One important part of pulling off a perfect event is ensuring that the venue is ready and prepared long before the guests start arriving. You chose a venue weeks ago, and now it’s time to start setting everything up and ensuring that everything fits as your dinner meeting draws near.

Since you now know how many guests will be attending, you can begin arranging chairs and seating plans to ensure that conversation will flow naturally. If guests or a speaker will be attending the meeting virtually, you’ll want to be sure that the screen is visible to all and that everyone will be able to participate in the discussion.

How many screens will you need?

Speaking of screens, preparing for your dinner meeting means drawing up an inventory of all the technology you’ll need to bring your event to life. Working with an AV equipment vendor, you can select all of the screens, tablets, speakers and computers you’ll need to ensure that your meeting is a smashing success.

If your meeting will have many attendees, you’ll want to be sure you opt for a screen large enough to reach even those seated in the furthest back rows. If your meeting is especially crowded, you may even want to opt for a video wall. A video wall combines several smaller screens to create one massive one, in a size and shape that’s completely customizable to your event. Since video walls can wrap around corners, they’re great for non-traditional spaces, like restaurants, where your dinner meeting might be taking place.

Is the sound loud enough?

A dinner meeting is noisy. Between clinking glasses, tinkling silverware and the sounds of conversation, it’s no small task making sure that your sound system is loud enough to reach everyone clearly. Ensuring that all attendees can easily hear and understand your guest speaker is crucial to the success of your meeting, so you’ll want to speak to your AV equipment professional to be certain that the speakers are set up correctly and that all attendees will be able to partake in the discussion.

Does your vendor have your back?

Arguably the most important part of your dinner meeting is your AV vendor. After all, your meeting couldn’t happen without the screens, speakers and other equipment your vendor provided. With that in mind, it’s important to be sure that the vendor you’ve chosen will be there for you throughout the whole process.

The right audio visual equipment vendor is professional, knowledgeable and available to help you whenever you need it. Your vendor should be present on the days leading up to the event, as well as the event itself, to ensure that things are working smoothly as your dinner meeting draws near. Should a problem arise, your vendor should be ready to troubleshoot the issue and resolve the difficulty immediately so that things can proceed as scheduled.

With the right AV equipment vendor by your side, you can be sure that your dinner meeting will be successful and largely stress-free.

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