5 Reasons Hybrid Corporate Events Are Here to Stay

Posted By Tallen | June 07, 2023

Ever wonder if the popularity of hybrid corporate events will wane? That’s unlikely; almost every live event we’ve worked on post-pandemic has a hybrid element because of its ability to fuse the energy of live events with the convenience of virtual experiences. Let’s explore five other reasons hybrid events have transcended trends and are becoming an institutional practice.

Reason # 1: Tap Into Inclusivity With Hybrid Event Solutions

One of the few silver linings of the pandemic was its wake-up call to employers who had to re-think how they treated their employees amidst “The Great Resignation.” Companies began making industry events and conferences more inclusive to keep staff and attract new hires. Consequently, virtual events surged, and their value became apparent: Companies could share their message with attendees who couldn’t travel because of COVID restrictions, family obligations, and physical or emotional limitations. 

So, when restrictions were lifted, hybrid corporate events emerged as the perfect way to reach live and virtual audiences. Due to the massive reach hybrid events offer, they’re more relevant than ever and show no signs of decreasing in the future. 

Reason #2: Bigger Keynote Speakers and Content Enrichment

Necessity isn’t just the mother of invention; it also births revelations. For example, being relegated to virtual events during COVID meant meeting planners could book more prominent speakers for Zoom talks at a fraction of the price. They no longer have to pay astronomical live-appearance fees, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and VIP accommodations for in-demand speakers. This clever strategy extended to hybrid corporate events. Today, we see it continuing to enrich the informative content for attendees, who are more likely to attend virtually or in person if there are well-known keynote speakers. 

As tempting as a night of free steak sounds, speakers are much more likely to agree to a remote talk with Q&A if it’s streamed from the comfort of their home. 

Reason #3: Increased Return On Investment 

Don’t get us wrong, live events are exciting and offer a peer-to-peer connection that will always be invaluable, but large-scale live events are expensive. With hybrid events, your ROI increases because the cost of transportation, rooms, and catering is significantly decreased.

Additionally, the money you save on virtual attendees can go towards speaker fees, higher-caliber AV, and other elements that increase the impact and engagement of your event. 

Reason #4: Increased Message Lifespan

You’re probably not producing a hybrid corporate event on a whim; you’re producing it to communicate an important message to the audience. One of the best advantages of a hybrid event is its ability to increase the lifespan and reach of that message since it’s been documented and recorded both in person and via virtual platforms. 

Even after your event is finished, that message can be accessed and rewatched for years to come, which means those unable to attend the event online or in person can still benefit from the knowledge.

Reason #5: Rival the Engagement and Networking of Live Events

Live events have the advantage of a somewhat captive audience, so it’s easy to assume that they provide more possibilities for engagement and networking. However, with a little creativity, hybrid events can rival live ones on both counts. 

At Tallen, we can increase engagement by integrating both live and virtual attendees so that they’re interacting through audience response questions, teaming up for games, and networking via virtual business cards and apps that link attendees regardless of their location. 

We focus on creating engaging experiences where networking happens organically, with each type of audience working together. This strategy makes the interaction both more immersive and unforgettable.

For Innovative Hybrid Corporate Events, Partner With Tallen 

Whether your hybrid event requires a simple outbound stream, two-way virtual interactions, or one-way inbound, Tallen has you covered. With hundreds of hybrid events under our belts, we’re ready to tackle your next event challenge. Contact us today and find out how we can take your next event’s AV to the next level.