Bring Your Event to Life With Tallen’s Virtual Event Production

Posted By Tallen | August 16, 2023

Virtual events have become an indispensable tool for organizations that want to communicate their message in a  convenient and accessible format. While virtual event production checks those boxes, it’s important to have proper planning and skilled personnel. That’s why we’ve built flexible formulas for knocking virtual events out of the park. Here are a few key ways we amplify their value.

Tallen’s Platform-Agnostic Approach

There’s no shortage of virtual meeting platforms. Depending on the shape and size of your event, one may be a better fit than the other. At Tallen, we can customize and enhance the digital experience regardless of the hosting application, so, for us, it’s more about building the best support structure possible. Doing so entails the following elements: 

Dedicated Virtual Meeting Producers & Assistant Producers: The former focuses on the event and presentations, and the latter is available to help and supplement wherever needed. 

Live Helpdesk: Staffing a live help desk is crucial in making a virtual event run smoothly. Attendees can call in and get real-time assistance without virtual producers being pulled away from their priorities.

Designers & Developers: Our in-house designers and developers can customize and enhance any platform so it looks, feels, and acts the way you want.

Pre-Event Content Management & Testing: Obtaining and testing the event’s content beforehand allows us to ensure seamless delivery when it goes live.

Platform Optimization: Understanding all of the ins and outs of the platform ensures our ability to maximize its usage and get you the best ROI possible

Presenter Training & Testing: Training and testing presenters before the event is an important step that mitigates issues like low bandwidth or poor lighting. We also supplement them with any AV equipment they might need so their presentation goes off without a hitch.

Post-Event Analytics & Reporting: Understanding what you need post-event allows us to choose the right platform so that we may process analytics and track user activity, giving you the vital information you need. 

Our In-House Virtual Platforms

 While we successfully produce virtual events on a daily basis in off-the-shelf solutions like Zoom and Webex. To do that, we offer our solutions TalCast, TalSpace, and TalCenter. 


TalCast is our one-way directional broadcast platform that’s globally recognized and able to penetrate various firewalls, including the notoriously impregnable Great Firewall of China. We created TalCast for general session-type virtual meetings that don’t require a lot of interactivity. It’s comprised of a video player and landing pages for registration, speaker bios, and question submission, all of which can be customized and branded. 

This custom platform is also a great choice for continuing education, as backend reporting can administer testing and certifications. In addition, it integrates well as a broadcasting device for live events and doesn’t require any downloading.


TalCenter is a multi-purpose enterprise platform that allows us to create a customized 3D environment. If you want to simulate the experience of being at a live event, then TalCenter is what you’re looking for. Virtual attendees can let their mouse do the walking by navigating to live sessions, interactive networking booths, video forums, and more—all from the familiar atmosphere of a virtual hotel lobby, convention center, or whatever venue is relevant to your company. 


TalSpace is a website-based solution that gives your event a virtual address, including live-event ideas like gamification, networking lounges, interactive live video sessions, and virtual booths for sponsors. TalSpace’s clean, simple interface allows hybrid audiences to connect and engage with each other and the event’s content in a meaningful and accessible way. 

Virtual Event Production Enhancements

Our last blog covered how important creative AV design is in engaging audiences and communicating an event’s message. The same idea applies to virtual spaces. That’s why we retain design elements like scenic staging using vMix Studio Software, which allows us to enhance and customize the visual aspects of a virtual event. Whether your delivery platform is Webex, Zoom, or ours, Tallen’s design team can use vMix to create lower thirds, background graphics, video transitions, and branding so your audience still receives the aesthetic appeal of a live event. Furthermore, the software enables us to add robust survey and Q&A-style applications like Slido to include remote attendees in participation.

We also use technologies like green screen studios to further enhance and customize the visual effects used in our client’s virtual event productions. Our XR studio creates a truly immersive experience for our presenters, allowing them to interact with graphics and remote presenters. This state-of-the-art technology incorporates LED flooring and walls, digital processing, and cameras to bring our client’s virtual events to new heights.  We can extend the staging by rendering a 3D background relevant to the meeting’s topic for added impact. Want an inviting fireside chat? We can design a roaring stone fireplace inside a ski chalet! Want a space rover to explore craters on the moon? We can simulate the next best thing. 

Choose Tallen for Expert Virtual Event Production

Tallen has over a decade of virtual event experience. Our teams of dedicated virtual producers, technicians, designers, and moderators are ready to make your next virtual event a success. Visit our website to learn more about our virtual event production capabilities and see what’s possible with Tallen!