Audience Appreciation at Your Next Meeting

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Showing the audience your appreciation for their interest and attendance to your meeting is extremely important. How do you accomplish this? There are the standard pleasantries such as providing a gift when they register and offering great food and entertainment outside of the meeting room. But while your meeting is actually taking place, to truly show your appreciation, you need to provide them with an engaging meeting environment. Your audience has taken the time out of their busy schedules to attend your meeting, make them feel it was worth it.

Having talented presenters is definitely a key factor and it has been proven that content should be easily understandable, direct, and understated to increase audience retention. Add a dynamic presenter, and strong, memorable content to the right technology and you can create an impressive experience for the audience. Adding a presenter video or presentation will provide a fun, fresh feeling to the production. A simple community building idea would be to have the audience create “music” with boomwhackers, utilizing the moderator as the conductor of the audience orchestra. This simple tube like instrument comes in different sizes and sounds and would engage the audience physically and rouse them mentally. Dramatic lighting changes from one speaker to the next will create visual stimulation and help keep the audience on their toes and focused.

A dynamic Question and Answer session will create a strong conclusion to your meeting and keep the audience talking about your message. CatchBox Microphones can be integrated into Q&A to keep your audience interested. These throwable square shaped foam microphones are thrown from person to person for questions and will motivate your audience to participate. Cell phone applications can also be easily downloaded by the audience to ask questions which are directly sent to the presenter.

By creating an experience that allows your audience to participate both physically and mentally, they will leave feeling gratified, involved, and with your message in mind.

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