Big Bang for Your Buck: How to customize your next meeting without breaking the bank.

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One of the most frequent questions clients ask is, ‘how can create a visually unique, appealing meeting look, without breaking the bank?” A majority of corporate events incorporate pipe and drape and some basic lighting, as tools to bring audience’s attention to the stage. This has become the standard as it provides a clean polished look at a very attractive price point. We have seen clients choose to keep this basic look for one of two reasons – 1) they say they don’t have the budget to change it or 2) they are concerned about the audiences’ perception about what they have spent. We understand both of these arguments – a nonprofit organization that is raising funds for a wonderful cause does not want their potential donors thinking the corporation is unwisely spending their heartfelt donation. And while no one can control your audience’s perception, an exceptional audio visual partner can help you overcome either of these obstacles while creating a visually pleasing meeting experience for your audience.

Adding an exceptional, visual appeal to your meeting shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. There are hundreds of pre-constructed modular scenic elements that are portable, lightweight, and inexpensive. With lighting to accentuate the style and patterns of the modular pieces, a unique look can be achieved at an agreeable price point. Different styles can be paired with gobos and a color dynamic to be in sync with your branding. By keeping a conservative, yet appealing look, even a non-profit can integrate modular elements and lighting with out the risk of offending their donors’ perceptions. An experienced AV partner can help you choose the shapes, sizes and patterns that will fit your space, your budget, and your message.

These different design elements can be configured for any meeting feel from a fun whimsical style to a modern hip look to a more conservative corporate design. A knowledgeable AV Production Partner can help walk you through your options and create a detailed rendering showing how the patterns, lights, and elements will look to your audience. Tallen Technologies is an experienced AV Production Partner, that can make an overwhelming process, easy and deliver exactly what you need to make your next meeting stand out.

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