Creative ways to use an LCD display at your next exhibition

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Today’s world is full of mobile devices and applications, from smartphones to tablets and everything in-between, and nowadays they appear even in innocuous and unexpected places. Now that even the most technically-challenged consumer can use a touchscreen for tasks as simple as ordering a sandwich at the deli it requires a little bit of creativity to design and operate an exhibition booth that’ll truly impress attendees at your next trade show.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to create an eye-popping display will get noticed. First off, real key to success is to work with the right A/V partner with access to the right equipment when you’re setting up a booth at an industry event.

Size matters…to a point.

For example, when considering an interactive display that attendees can pick up and play around with, a smaller monitor or mounted iPad rental may be the best option. That way, attendees can be interactive, and not just with the content on the screen, but with the device itself. Displays come in all kinds of sizes…and bigger isn’t always better. That being said, When deciding on a display screen size and shape, consider your needs, goals, and objectives for that specific event. The technology available really provides the user with a wide range of options, which you should review with you’re A/V partner.

In fact, if looking to make a really big visual impact, a massive LCD display  spanning the length of the exhibition space can provide a jaw-dropping way to showcase logos, videos and signage. This kind of screen real estate enables you to take advantage of picture-in-picture features that can display multiple forms of visual and audio content – such as a corporate video along with a social media feed – on the same screen.

For more unique shapes and sizes, consider a video wall. Comprised of multiple screens, and coordinated to display a single image or multiple images, a video wall can be customized to fit into any exhibition or trade show booth. A video wall can also create asymmetrical shapes to meet even the most creative needs.

Try a unique placement

When you are working with a talented and experienced A/V team, you’ll discover that there is no shortage of creative ideas when it comes to making optimal use of the A/V equipment and resources in your trade show booth! In other words, one does not necessarily to mount every display to a wall.

For example, some displays can be suspended in the air above your trade show booth. These types of displays are sure to prompt attendees to notice your message from a distance, and it allows more effective usage of the booth’s real by making use of vertical space, even when the booth is located in the middle of the exhibit floor. Hanging screens also give the booth an open, inviting feel one that that closed-in walls might lack.

Choose a qualified vendor

If you don’t want your trade show booth to look like a standard, run-of-the mill display, then you can’t work with a run-of-the-mill any AV equipment vendor. You’ll need to partner with a provider who has experience creating truly unique and beautiful AV displays in unconventional ways for companies who aren’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to a trade show appearance.

To choose the right vendor for you, browse portfolios and look for companies that showcase their creativity. Make sure the vendor you select brings experience with nontraditional display placements. This way, you can be confident that they can meet the challenge in terms of making whatever you have in mind happen. You’ll also want to be sure that your vendor offers qualified professionals on-hand to help you create the booth you’re envisioning.

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