Why AV Technology is Useless Without Great Content

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If you are an event planning professional, you have no doubt learned that one of the keys to the success of any event is great event AV technology and a talented team of technicians. Whether it’s for an annual meeting, employee training, investors meeting, conference, or seminar no matter how cutting-edge and impressive a piece of AV technology might be, it really is only as effective as the content is compelling. Content marketing is defined as a “marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Your event attendees will remember the content of your event for much longer than they’ll remember what kind of gear you used to present and deliver it to them. We asked our devoted team of creative content professionals what event and meeting planners need to consider when planning and developing great content for an event or series of events.

Involve AV Support in Your Content Development From The Start

AV personnel are traditionally known for being technically adept problem solvers, which they are. However, it’s best to have the AV working hand-in-hand with the creative forces overseeing content development from the start. If your AV partner doesn’t offer content marketing capability, then at least take steps to make sure that they can work well with whoever is in that function.

Don’t Recycle: Develop Specific Content For the Event’s Audience

Organizations will often take content (usually a video) that was created for another medium and/or audience and simply re-purpose it for an event, in a misguided effort to try to save on costs. There are numerous pitfalls with this approach. For example video content that was previously created for a company’s website for viewing on a laptop or mobile device, may look terrible on an LCD wall display at a trade show. Or, it may no longer be relevant and so may not resonate with event attendees and fail to engage them in a meaningful way.

Segment the Event’s Audience

When developing your event content strategy, consider the context of content delivery within the event. In other words, the same clip created for a video wall may not be the most effective content for a sales rep to show a prospect on an iPad or tablet. Research your audience and use the findings to inform your event content strategy. A compelling event content strategy builds brand recognition, communicates the organization’s mission, vision and values, provides credibility and drives lead generation. The cornerstone of a great event is great content. And, while the right AV equipment with a talented on-site technical team is crucial for a successful event, good planners know that an event’s ultimate success depends on content. So when you’re planning your next event content strategy ask yourself, “How much and what kind of an impact should this content have on our audience?” At Tallen Technology Rentals, our creative team turns a clients’ vision into great content, and then our technical experts provide the right AV technology to maximize audience impact. Contact us today!

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