The Importance of Customer Service from Your AV Provider

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Whether you’re planning a small dinner meeting for 25 doctors or a huge financial conference for 1,500 of your largest customers, planners should expect and receive the highest level of customer support from their Audio Visual and Production partners. Great service starts with the right account team – not just people who take orders. The team should understand your audience size, venue, the message, and the tone of the event, no matter the size or complexity. Communication is a key factor in successful customer service. Your AV provider should be responsive, understand your technical needs, and become an integral part of your planning team.

AV partners can continue to provide superior customer service during set up and execution of a live event by consistently listening to their clients needs. Delivering and setting-up show quality equipment that has been pre-tested and ready to perform ensures a quality live show. All factors should have been previously taken into consideration and addressed – such as proper lighting, stage wash, and cameras if video recording or webcasting is part of the event. Additionally, and maybe one of the most important factors are the people from your AV provider that you are working with. A live event is a team effort and every part of that team needs to understand how to execute their part for a smooth, successful event. At Tallen we say – equipment is important, but it is truly the people, our people, that make the difference.

Customer service is not over when the lights die down – finalizing the back end of a project is also important and can be overlooked when choosing a provider. Prompt event strike, detailed post-evaluation, and the finalization of client invoices are all necessary pieces of outstanding customer service. Event Planners and AV Partners can create long-lasting partnerships when customer service is a top priority.

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