Making Your AV Provider – an AV PARTNER

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You have chosen an AV provider – now make them an AV Partner. An AV provider will bring equipment and provide staff, but what you really want is an AV Partner. An AV Partner is a company whose people you can build a relationship with. They become a trusted team member who will come to understand your needs and often times can anticipate them which will not only make your events meet or exceed their goals, but also will make your overall job as a planner, easier!

Like any long-term relationship, a solid meeting planner / AV Partner relationship takes some time to develop and communication is key. As a meeting planner, providing your AV team as much immediate information as possible throughout the planning phase is essential. If the vision, goals, meeting rooms, times, agendas etc. change – then let your AV Partner know right away. These changes have the potential to effect labor, equipment and staffing and your AV Partner can make the appropriate changes to ensure a smooth event day.

Communication is two way street. A good AV Partner is your AV specialist and should not be passively providing you with numbers and equipment lists. A great partner will thoroughly review the information you provide and ask pertinent questions to be sure they are seeing your vision and needs clearly. An AV Partner should also be providing you with different options that can enhance the meeting experience. They should be carefully reviewing what the overall scope of the meeting is and communicating to you if they feel there are further needs in equipment or staffing to make the event flawless. Meeting Planners and AV Partners should feel they are playing for the same team with the outcome being a flawless event to be proud of.

With strong communication on both sides and respect for knowledge and expertise, you and your AV provider can cultivate a successful PARTNERSHIP.

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