Making use of social media at a trade show

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If you’re looking to generate buzz at your next trade show appearance, nothing will help get the word out there faster than social media. Organic publicity like the kind generated by Facebook posts, Twitter updates and Foursquare check-ins can be just as valuable as paid media such as advertising and press releases, and can spread like wildfire when your company has something really unique to offer.

A trade show is an excellent opportunity to engage your consumers via social media. Nearly everyone who stops by your booth will already have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare presence, so all you need to do is give them a reason to talk about your company. With the right audio visual equipment rentals, you can make it easy and fun for attendees to spread the word about your company via their favorite social media platforms.

Make it interactive
One way to give attendees a reason to stop by your booth is to make it interactive. An iPad rental or touchscreen LCD display rental will let consumers play with some fun new gadgets, which makes them eager to see what capabilities are available. Provide them with the opportunity to use social media directly from these devices, so they share their thoughts about what’s offered at your trade show booth.

Surveys and games are a few more ways you can increase consumer engagement at your booth, which is sure to lead to positive reviews. Use a pop-up screen at the end of a game or survey to let consumers share their results via social media and challenge their friends to try, as well.

Provide a hashtag
A custom hashtag is an easy way to aggregate all the social media content relevant to your company. You can use your company’s name, a catchphrase, your slogan or any other combination of words to give attendees a way to join the conversation about your business. Hand out the hashtag on business cards or proudly display it on your signage, so attendees know exactly what to say to make sure their feedback is heard.

There’s a risk in using a hashtag, since you can’t control what content gets posted under it. However, hiring a person to review the tweets that come through allows you to address the negative content. This allows your company to quickly address consumer complaints and win back attendees who may not have had the best experience. Showing off spectacular service can win you a loyal following, even amongst those whose first impression weren’t positive.

Give away prizes
An incentive can do a lot to motivate a consumer. Give away discounts for Foursquare check-ins or offer a prize for the most creative Twitter post to get the conversation started about your business. Prizes can be as small as a pen, a key fob, or percentage off a product or service.

Share the results
People love to be a part of something, which is why displaying their tweets and posts in real-time on a large LCD screen can really get them excited about joining the conversation. If you’re planning on playing another video on your screen, you can utilize a separate monitor to display your live rolling twitter feed. Knowing that their voice is about to be broadcast to the whole trade show can motivate people to take action and make themselves known.

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