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For any event the value is in the audience taking your message away with them. At Tallen, we can bring greater value by connecting all aspects of your meeting with your common message. This ranges from the smallest examples such as napkins and table linens all the way to scenic design and lighting. We understand that every aspect of your meeting reflects you and your message and that proper execution can mean the difference between a satisfactory meeting and a meeting everyone speaks about for weeks to come.

Tallen has an in-house production team that is ready and able to help you with your meeting needs. We work with you to help plan the transition of your message across different design platforms, creating a cohesive look and feel to your event.

We understand that Audio Visual equipment is only one part of a meeting; having good personnel and design brings the meeting to life.

One of the strongest ways to make your event memorable is to create a visual brand that follows through from the first E-vite to the “Thank you for attending” notes, and every visual in between. Remembering that visuals are digital, printed, environmental, and physical allows us to vary the styles and looks of the design to fit each type of platform. Everything from the directional signage to gift baskets can be part of the overall event message.

A perfect example of this was when one of Tallen’s clients within the financial industry was looking to brand their entire sales meeting with this year’s message and inspire their employees to keep moving forward. Along with the message was a client-provided image that was to be dispersed across all channels. Tallen was able to simplify the image without losing the message and attach that image to every aspect of the meeting. From the table linens and napkins, to the scenic elements down to the thank you notes, all were branded, bringing cohesiveness to the meeting and thus bringing it to life. The employees left empowered and the client was very pleased with how the event turned out.

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