Mobile Meeting Apps: 4 Things to Know For Your Next Event

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Mobile Meeting Apps

As the AV equipment provider of choice for so many different kinds of meetings and events across such a wide spectrum of industries, we are in a great position to spot the big technology-driven trends that are impacting the event management and planning industry.

One of the most prominent trends right now is the rise of meeting-specific mobile apps, along with the increase in hardware like iPads and tablets as presentation tools which enable and improve attendee interaction.

Mobile meeting apps can greatly enhance an event or meeting’s value and effectiveness. To be clear, this post is not a review of the many utility apps available that can be considered useful tools for meeting planners; like LinkedIn for networking and contacts management, DropBox for cloud storage or TripCase for travel and itinerary planning. Instead, we’re going to look at some of the things to consider when selecting a mobile app in the event and meetings management space.

How to Select A Mobile Meeting Apps for Your Event

Depending on the nature of the meeting and the budget of the client, planners can deploy everything from the most basic meeting app that simply displays the meeting agenda, to location-aware mobile apps that can be customized for each and every attendee.

When it comes to meeting the mobile app needs for event planners, our app development team will collaborate closely with the client from the inception stage all the way through app deployment and, if it’s required, even onsite management and support. Every app we develop with our clients is unique, since we tailor each of them to our clients’ needs, keeping in mind their budget and message.

However, we have highlighted 4 universal elements for developing mobile meeting apps that have a positive impact:

Device Compatibility

Whatever the purpose of your meeting app, it is crucial to make sure that it integrates with your attendees’ devices and operating systems and that the content is displayed in a format that delivers value. In an era where employees use their personal mobile devices to access work-related information, your meeting app should work across devices and be compatible with any of the major mobile operating systems.

Social Sharing & Attendee Engagement

Without the sharing element, the meeting management mobile app can end up simply being a digital replacement for printed schedules, speaker profiles and other related meeting information. This is all important and valuable information, but the real value of event apps comes from their ability to facilitate connections and networking between attendees, speakers and organizers.

There are many tried-and-true methods for increasing and improving attendee engagement before, during, and after an event. Question and answer sessions, for instance, can be greatly enhanced when participants can ask questions through a mobile app during a presentation. Other examples include using apps to enable attendees to participate in real-time surveys, contests and polls and access to event content like copies of presentations in real-time.

There are many tried-and-true methods for increasing and improving attendee engagement;  before, during, and after an event. With the proliferation of mobile device usage among attendees at events, offering mobile apps to attendees is an extremely effective way to drive engagement. Examples include using apps to enable attendees to participate in real-time surveys, contests and polls and acess event content in real-time.


Another innovative and potentially effective way to engage your event attendees through a mobile event app is with gamification. At the core of gamification strategy is providing a platform for rewarding attendees who accomplish certain tasks. The information presented during a session track, for instance, could be reinforced through a gamified meeting app that prompts users to do things like visit specific exhibits, participate in polls and surveys, and attending other, related sessions and panels.

Sponsor/Partner Value

Mobile event apps also present opportunities for meeting planners and hosts to drive additional revenue. Giving event sponsors the opportunity to sponsor your entire meeting app, or creating event sponsorhip packagaes for various parts of the app is a great way to increase sponsor’s visibility during and after the event. And because of the deep engagement mobile apps facilitate, attendees will be more likely to interact with and learn about the sponsoring companies.

At the end of the day, the raison d’être for meetings and events is the in-person interaction and information exchange; and when a well-designed mobile event app is successful at fostering that (not replacing it) the more valuable it will become.

Tallen’s mobile app development team works closely with our clients from inception to deployment – matching the right app for the right client need, budget, and message. Tallen’s technical personnel will be onsite to facilitate any necessary changes to the agenda or last-minute updates to the event app and provide education and support to end-users.

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