MobileEvent application for iPad has great benefits for meetings

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MobileEvent Application for iPad

More and more business people find themselves constantly on the road, traveling to meetings with clients, investors and customers. However, being on the road means being away from the office, which might mean not having all the necessary tools you need for your meeting at your fingertips. Fortunately, a recently released evolutionary meeting information management application for the Apple iPad could solve all those problems. According to Tallen Technology Rentals, MobileEvent from QuickMobile is an integrated solution suite that allows users to securely access, retrieve and display any and all interactive content relevant to a particular meeting, allowing you to effectively create and manage your event on your mobile device. Using the app in conjunction with an iPad rental, your events and virtual meetings when on the go will operate in an even smoother and more seamless manner.

Perhaps the most effective use of MobileEvent’s features is the ability to distribute relevant materials to all attendees of the meeting or conference, right from the iPad rental. With a simple click of a button, every attendee will receive the materials that he or she needs. The materials can also be sectioned off based upon their conference schedule so that attendees receive exactly what is necessary for their specific needs.

Another element of the application that is particularly notable is its ability to manage materials and functions for a single event or a series of conferences. For single events, each of your attendees will be equipped with a single application that’s been properly tailored to the show. However, if your company is involved with multiple trade shows and conferences, the enterprise deployment is ideal – you’ll have an app that is branded to your organization and set up to plan multiple events.

MobileEvent’s content management system is specially designed for ease of use, as all functions are handled by logging into a single secure webpage. Any updates that you must make – to session and attendee information, analytics, social networking tools and more – will be accomplished in this manner, and attendees can receive this information either at their preference or on a pre-determined schedule.

Interactive elements have been proven to be much more efficacious than boring, stale materials at meetings. Therefore, the capabilities of MobileEvent for distributing and displaying reference videos is a highly beneficial one. The iPad rental can also be used in conjunction with a projector rental and a screen rental in order to display the video on a larger scale so that all attendees and audience members will be able to view it. Finally, attendees can take the video home on their own iPads, allowing for extra review and homework.

The conducting of surveys and other real-time elements are truly what sets MobileEvent apart. Event and end-of-session surveys can be quickly called up and distributed among the attendees, allowing the meeting or event organizers to garner feedback immediately. The application’s robust reporting capabilities allows for an in-depth analysis of what worked at the meeting and what didn’t. Furthermore, the application’s live texting features allow users to submit suggestions in real time. Finally, MobileEvent uses reliable technology by deploying over a private network that ensures full security. Updates are downloaded within private WiFi networks, and all information procured while the device is offline is immediately uploaded upon re-entering a private WiFi network.

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