Optimize Your Audio Visual Technology Spend Part II

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Originally published on the ExL Digital Pharma Blog on November 4th, 2014

Tallen Technology Rentals’ CEO Andrew Taffin discusses the differences between a production company and an audio visual company and provides insight as to why one is (usually) the better option for pharma, biotech or medical device industry meeting planners. Andrew emphasizes why it’s such an important distinction for meeting planners looking to effectively assess their Audio/Visual needs and extract the greatest value from their meeting and event technology budgets.

How to Optimize Technology Spend Part II: Production VS. Audio Visual

Regarding how to optimize your audio visual technology spend, one of the most important elements to consider is understanding the difference between a production company and an audio visual company. Both organizations are external vendors that exist to help deliver the message to the event(s)’ audiences. In terms of the specific roles each vendor plays, and how that impacts the technology spend, the distinctions between the two can become bit more nuanced.

Sometimes, with some events, there is a fine line separating a production-supported project and an AV-supported project. Other times, there is a huge chasm. The key portion for the planners to focus on is, determining the requirements of the Meeting Owner.

When pharma, biotech or medical device industry meeting planners opt to work with a production company, the production company will typically take ownership of the meeting. They’ll provide a producer with various assistants, the event’s show flow, a stage manager and a number of technical personnel on site. A production outfit will also facilitate a lot of content development and creative aspects of the event. Also, it’s important to note that a production company generally doesn’t own its own gear and equipment.

An audio visual technology provider, conversely, does not need to take control over the entire event in order to support the meeting’s objective. Its approach revolves around the smart and efficient deployment of the technology, gear and equipment (along with the staff to operate it) that brings to life the meeting’s messages. Another obvious difference is that the AV provider usually supplies a technical director who acts in support of the meeting owner, whereas a production company provides a producer who takes ownership of the event.

In reality, when it comes to the technology spend, many of the meetings within this industry don’t require a production company. The differing approaches vis-à-vis production VS. Audio Visual can translate into significant variations in terms of how pre-production support, editing, content development, labor and equipment etc. all tie into the attendee experience. In many cases, this ultimately will result in a production company charging a great deal more than an AV technology provider’s fees for the same meeting.

The bottom line is that knowing your meeting and clearly defining meeting ownership will better allow the planner to truly optimize your audio visual technology spend, in large part, by foregoing investment on services that aren’t necessary for a flawless event.

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