Optimize Your Audio Visual Technology Spend Part I

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Originally published on the ExL Digital Pharma Blog on October 24th, 2014

The content presented at medical education events must meet rigorous standards for integrity and accountability; there is absolutely zero margin for error. This means that the technology used to deliver that content at ME meetings has to operate flawlessly as well; and all this must be executed in a budget-constrained environment — one where planners from pharma, biotech and medical device companies are under significant pressure to save costs wherever possible. In this blog post, Tallen Technology Rentals CEO Andrew Taffin brings provides insight and advice for planners to help them optimize their technology spends — while minimizing the actual costs.

How to Optimize Technology Spend Part I: Value

When it comes to optimizing your audio visual technology spend, the objective is to strike the perfect balance between ensuring the meeting owner’s vision and message are portrayed and key business objectives are met… without overspending. In addition, the content presented at medical education events must meet exacting standards for integrity and accountability. As meeting planners from pharma, biotech and medical device companies know full well, there really is zero margin for error. A single technical mistake that leads to the wrong content being presented can cause a company significant regulatory trouble. At the same time, event budgets are scrutinized and managers are constantly under pressure to save costs without cutting corners or sacrificing the onsite experience. If technical mishaps and glitches derail a meeting, the meeting quickly loses its value, no matter what the costs were.

The key to operating in this environment (while delivering flawlessly executed events) is to work to gain an understanding of the intended message of each meeting, as well as the audience and method used to deliver that message. In addition, it’s very important to get to know the types of services, levels of staff and specific equipment required to bring the event together.

Whether you’re in-house or a 3rd-party planner, the best approach is to form a solid relationship and work closely with your technology vendor. Let them help you determine the role A/V technologies play in delivering the message to your event(s)’ audiences.

Also, just as important to optimize your audio visual technology spend, is the ability to discern what resources are NOT required. At Tallen Technology Rentals we draw upon decades of experience servicing demanding clientele in the medical and pharmaceutical education events space. Planners are often quite surprised when we show them where reductions can occur.

The bottom line is this: The best approach for extracting the most value from your technology spend is to get to know your meeting.

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