Pre-Production – What is it? When is it Important?

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Pre-production; the line item on your quote that raises more questions than answers. What does it entail? How much does it cost? Do I need it? A flawless event on show day is magical – but what is the pre-production phase and do I you really need it to make a flawless event materialize?

The pre-production phase of a project starts with the team understanding the significance of the meeting. The team should start by working closely with stakeholders to create the message. Once the message is created and understood the pre-production team can outline a show flow and then develop, edit, and design the actual content that will be presented. The pre-production process can also include filling out venue information, developing a branding package, and preparing for any entertainment needs such as music, bands, or live performers.

There are two variables that are really the catalyst for a pre-production decision – size of the event and the complexity. Neither of these is mutually exclusive and working with a knowledgeable AV partner is crucial in understanding when pre-production is essential. One would think that the size of the meeting would quickly decide if pre-production is a need – not true. A small event for 50 attendees in one room for one day may seem too small to require pre-production, however the complexity of the event must be taken into consideration. Does this program require content, branding, complex cues? These are key areas that play a major role in how the attendees receive your message and pre-production will help them to be executed flawlessly. On the other hand – a 200-person event revolving around a simple presentation with amplified audio will most likely not require pre-production. All meeting sizes and complexity levels should be important to your AV provider, but not every event will require pre-production and a good AV provider will be able to tell you when and if it is necessary.

No two productions or clients are ever the same and each event should be reviewed carefully before a yes or no is answered to the pre-production question. An experienced audio visual provider will assist you in answering the question of pre-production –yes or no – and customize the event to your individual needs and goals.

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