Recording Advisory Board Meetings: Why VisualQ is a Game Changer

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At Tallen Technology Rentals, we understand how important it is for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that Advisory Board meetings meet and exceed the expectations of stakeholders, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and participants. When it comes to meeting and exceeding these expectations, the documented record of the meeting, typically a recording consisting mainly of audio visual elements is a crucially important aspect. In fact, due to issues around liability risk, HIPPAA compliance with privacy regulations, and demands for financial transparency, it’s often legally required to capture every word that is spoken in a pharmaceutical meeting.

The problem, however, is that even when a flawless audio recording is produced (typically in the industry-standard .mp3 format) it can be very difficult for even the most talented transcriptionist to correctly assign every single word spoken over an 8 hour + meeting with perhaps 20-30 people speaking. People speak rapidly and over each other. Voices can sound alike. This is rarely solvable by adding video capture, because that then requires multiple cameras and camera operators in order to capture every participant in a typical Advisory Board meeting and record their name tags, and not only can this very quickly drive the meeting’s cost into the stratosphere, as all meeting professionals can attest, the presence of a video camera in the room can change the entire dynamic and flow of information at an event…and usually not for the better.

In addition, this approach doesn’t produce a recording of the meeting’s presentation deck, which then has to be packaged and delivered separately.

To solve this set of problems, the exceptional minds at Tallen developed a product for recording Advisory Board meetings called VisualQ (Patent Pending)

VisualQ is an innovative program that creates a record of the Advisory Board meeting using metadata and decibel recognition to visually identify the person who is speaking. With VisualQ, the client now has the ability to create a 100% accurate script at the end of their Advisory Board meeting, instead of just a summary. This allows viewers to actually see who the specific individuals are — when they are actually speaking during the recording.

Not only does this completely eliminate the guesswork on the part of the transcriptionist with regards to who is actually speaking, the VisualQ platform definitively pinpoints exactly who said what and when at a meeting, which eliminates compliance risk and in turn provides new depth to the research which can be further repurposed.

To demo VisualQ, please contact your national sales manager for more information or call toll free at 866-825-5361. Or you can submit a Contact Us request at the bottom of this page.

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