How to renew the look of your corporate meeting/general session

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Many attendees are tired of seeing the same standard look when they attend a corporate meeting or enter the general session room. Rear projection screens, black pipe and drape, and a stage wash have been the meeting room standard for many years. A concern over budget or the perception of attendees that a company has spent too much money on a meeting have kept them from changing up their look.

However, there are many ways to amp up the appearance of a meeting without exceeding your budget. First, lighting can have a huge impact on your meeting. You can keep your audience engaged by incorporating moving lights, gobos, or colors that can be changed for each presenter. There are hundreds of modular scenic elements available on the market that can add dimension and texture to your event at a minimal expense. When you incorporate these types of scenic elements with a well-designed lighting plan, you can change the same old look to one with a much greater impact.

Banners and digital signage are great ways to not only enhance your general session room but also other areas throughout the venue. If you are choosing the digital road, you have the ability to change content and pictures throughout the meeting. With a printed banner you can go larger in size and scale, which will also have a major impact. Changing up the way your content is displayed can also have a major impact. By simply changing the aspect ratio to a wide screen and incorporating high definition, you can add “pop” to your meeting.

Not every event has the budget of a major product launch or promotional meeting but even on a smaller budget you can integrate new elements to freshen up the look of your next meeting. Need more creative ideas? Contact the experience staff at Tallen Technology Rentals today.

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