How to renew the look of your tradeshow booth

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Successful trade show exhibitors know that drawing attention and traffic to their booth is a key to success. Companies will often choose to completely redesign their booth in order to modernize their exhibit with the hopes that this will create the additional traffic that they strive for. However; this can both be costly and stressful. An easier, more effective method is to integrate newer technology to maximize your visibility and message delivery without blowing the budget. The first step is to ask, what type of experience do I want my audience to have and what do I want them to remember about it. Would a pre-recorded video be the perfect way to deliver my message? Is my product or message best delivered and remembered through my logo, graphics or other visual media. Is my content or message best served through an interactive kiosk? Understanding what type of experience you want to provide and the message you want people to walk away with will help your AV supplier chose the right technology to make the delivery of your content, a memorable experience.

Your AV provider should be able to provide you with the technology that best suits your needs – but let’s start with a few simple options. A modest aesthetic update can give you a fresh new look. Both intelligent lighting and gobos are easily added to your booth at a relatively low cost. Both choices will use lighting to create a focal point in your booth and can be used to highlight a product or informational area. Gobos can also be used to project your logo or other important symbols onto your tradeshow walls or floor. This will easily catch an attendee’s eye – drawing them into your exhibit space.

If you are looking for something with more visual punch, then consider LED tiles. They continue to gain popularity in the exhibit market. Newer tiles come with improved resolution, an abundance of size options, and flexible cases – now you can really get creative in your design, which will easily get people interested in your booth.

Looking for a draw and to keep people in your booth for a longer visit? Projection mapping can really make your content pop and provide a unique visual for any message. With interactive tracking systems and touch screens – you can provide not only visual impact, but also an interactive attendee experience, which will increase the amount of time that visitors spend in your area.

The best solutions start with a concept of the experience you want attendees to have, what’s the message that you want them to remember? A strong AV provider will be able to help guide you through the options and choose the technology that will make your next exhibit a winner.

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