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Imbuing a meeting or event with the area’s local flavor is, increasingly, an important element to consider when planning. The goal should be to capture and incorporate a genuine “sense of place” in order to create a memorable event that will impact and inspire attendees.

Planners are using technology to incorporate elements such as geography, weather, cuisine, and scenic design to actually transform the meeting experience.


Sense of Place: Geography
When events are inherently ingrained with a strong sense of the destination, look for opportunities to work with your AV team to help create memorable content. For example, over the years Tallen Technology Rentals has supported a medical education meeting held in Hawaii, a destination obviously known for its world-class surfing. Few things exude “sense of place” more than surfing in Hawaii, One year, the event’s director, a distinguished academic man in his 60s, decided while on-site to deploy a production team to produce a video documenting his first surfing lesson. The idea was to use the video content to inspire meeting attendees to embrace new experiences and take risks.

Sense of Place: Weather
If a region is known for great weather, i.e. Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio, etc. planners can put interactive technology like displays and touch-screens to use by linking attendees in conference rooms and other function spaces both indoors and outdoors, allowing attendees to actually enjoy the great weather while participating in the meeting at the same time.

Sense of Place: Cuisine
For destination cities like with a high density of unique and well-known restaurants – think New Orleans and San Francisco – a custom-designed mobile app tied to the event offering a restaurant tour can offer a fun, interactive way to remain engaged with attendees off-hours.

Sense of Place: Scenic Design
This is a great opportunity to use creativity to incorporate a sense of place into the event’s messaging. A good crew of lighting designers and scenic designers can set up a room or multiple rooms with the right lighting and visual props to capture a specific location-based theme; for example, using colors that highlight the location, for New Orleans, using vivid colors highlights the location.

At Tallen Technology Rentals we see first hand how technology can add to and really enhance that sense of place — which ultimately adds value to the meeting overall.

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