Supporting Unusual and Unexpected Venues

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Over the years Tallen Technology Rentals has supported corporate events and meetings at some pretty exotic, unusual and unexpected venues all around the world. The fact is, today’s attendees want unique event spaces that aren’t boring and this especially holds true for the younger Millennial demographic. Some of the unique venues we’ve handled include medieval castles, boats, boat docks, beaches, historical buildings, rooftops and more.

While we heartily agree that the “cool factor” of a property can really add value and help create a memorable event, unique venues can present significant challenges and technical issues when it comes to A/V, so selecting a technology vendor with the right kind of unique venue experience and track record is absolutely imperative.

One of the more interesting events Tallen recently supported was held at a medieval castle in Scotland, so we decided to ask Roger “The Castle Man” Masterson, the director of a UK-based castle booking service called Celtic Castles, for some insight.

“The primary major concern for events at castles (and other historic venues) is the availability of electricity, obviously, since its required to run the A/V equipment, also, expert analysis of the event’s total requirements need to be made with a good safety margin built into the calculations,” Roger advises. “If power is an issue, ensure that temporary sources can be brought on site, and if you are bringing in a generator make sure it will be large enough to handle the demand and enough so as not to disrupt the event.”

The fact is, the larger and more prominent venues tend to have modern additions, but the planners should still do the homework and if possible, perform a detailed site visit and inspection well ahead of the event.

Look to partner with an A/V technology vendor that can cite previous experience at that venue to help you plan, this can help avoid any unwelcome surprises and ensure a successful event, even if a site pre-visit isn’t completely feasible.

At the end of the day, it is really the experience and creative problem-solving ability on the part of the technical staff that will help circumvent any A/V issues stemming from the unique venue, or as Mr. Masterson put it, “since castles come in all shapes and sizes, any AV issues will require creative solutions — you need to think outside the box! Or outside the castle walls, in this respect!”

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