The importance of surveys through ARS during conferences

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Meeting hosts do their best to keep attendees focused during presentations. Unfortunately, many participants frequently lose interest in lengthy conferences, especially company-wide presentations. Some discussion leaders attribute this disinterest to short attention spans, but The Build Network explains that if the content of a meeting is engaging, audience members will likely pay attention.

There are many ways to pique attendees’ interests while presenting. For instance, you can use screen and projector rentals to play informative and action packed videos or slide shows. Visual aids can help guide your audience through an organized lecture while keeping members focused.

Another solution for ensuring engagement is to use Audience Response Systems from Tallen Technology Rentals. Attendees can be given wireless keypads so they can respond to survey questions throughout the discussion. The interactive technology allows audience members to actively participate in the meeting instead of passively listening to a lengthy lecture.

What’s more, hosts can also use ARS apps on iPad rentals and smartphones. The programs can be customized to include specific features for different meetings. Poll questions, conference information and other content must be saved to the apps before the event. During the discussion, audience members can follow along at their own pace.

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