Trade Show ROI: Earning higher returns from trade shows

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Trade Show ROI

Trade show ROI (return on investment) is not tracked by some exhibitors even though the goal of marketing at a trade show is to help a business grow by generating new leads and finding new clients. For some companies, the networking opportunities of a large convention are sufficient to justify attendance. Marketing Profs recently reported on a study which shows that 89 percent of businesses believe that large events are important. The research was conducted by the CMO Council and Exhibit Marketers Association.

Perhaps most surprising and concerning is how few companies believe they are doing a decent job of turning prospects into customers. Only 6 percent of respondents stated that their organizations did “extremely well” for converting leads from trade shows. This could mean that companies aren’t earning high trade show ROI from their conventions and are hurting their bottom lines. Keeping overhead expenses relatively low and increasing client conversions can help exhibitors bolster their trade show ROI so that every trade show is a marketing and financial success.

Reducing overhead with rentals

Some expenses associated with trade shows arise from the purchasing, installation, and maintenance costs of the equipment. As a result, exhibitors would have to convert dozens of leads to simply break even.

One of the best ways to reduce overhead is to use temporary hardware. Resources like audio visual equipment rental companies allow exhibitors to acquire the newest display technologies as well as lighting, sound systems, and other essentials while being conscious of their budget.

Monitor post-event sales

Inc. Magazine notes that not every customer will make a purchase during a trade show. However, some prospects become loyal clients in the weeks and months following those events, so it’s important for companies to track the sales figures and include them as ROI. The news source points out that attributing sales to their “origin”, which is a trade show, gives businesses greater insight in how much money was earned.

Many lead retrieval systems can help a business monitor and follow up with its prospects. The software can be paired with a laptop rental so presenters can access the system during a trade show. The application streamlines communication between leads and exhibitors so companies know who was successfully converted into a customer.

Most importantly, rental equipment can boost the impact your business has at a trade show. You can find the perfect tools for every event so you’ll amaze attendees and generate a record number of new leads.

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