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One of the most important things you can do to make your trade show appearance successful is pay attention to the small details that make the experience memorable. While fun signage and neat giveaways are a great start but they don’t allow you to speak to your attendees or allow them to connect with you.

If you’re really looking for that extra something that’ll make your trade show exhibition unforgettable, you’ll want to consider incorporating social media into your display.

Social media is exciting for brands and consumers alike because it opens up a two-way communication between them. Now, advertising, marketing and interacting isn’t just from companies to the masses – it’s the other way around, too. Using Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and others, everyday people can now talk directly to the brands they love.

Incorporating social media into your trade show appearance is easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Start the conversation
The first step in a successful social media effort, especially at an event like a trade show, is reaching out to the audience. Get the conversation started with a simple question, like: “What is your favorite thing about our company?” or “What brings you to today’s trade show?” Questions like these are especially valuable on Facebook, where consumers can give detailed answers that give you some insight into their needs and wants.

On Twitter, you can make use of a specialized hashtag, so conversations about your brand become easily trackable and searchable. You can also piggyback on an existing hashtag – for example, if the conference already has its own, you can attach it to your own correspondences to bring your message to a wider audience.

Engage the crowd
Of course, this isn’t your everyday social media campaign – this is a specific event, where you want to generate a specific kind of buzz. One easy way to do that is to engage the crowd right where they stand!

Invite visitors to your booth to whip out their smartphones and answer your questions, give feedback and record their thoughts as they explore your offerings. Have an employee dedicated to answering questions as they come in so that social media users can receive immediate responses to their tweets, posts and messages.

Foursquare is another easy way to engage the audience at a trade show. Make your booth a spot where consumers can “check in.” This will encourage them to check in next time they interact with you, as well as broadcasting your name and location to all of their friends.

Use the right equipment
If you’re planning on using social media at your next trade show event, it’s important to make sure that everyone can see and participate! That’s why it’s crucial that you have the right audio visual equipment rentals from a reputable vendor who can help make your booth into the ultimate social media destination.

Tablet and iPad rentals are an easy way to offer an interactive social media experience. Allow users to interact directly with your company by keeping your social media pages open and active.

You can also make use of large LCD screen rentals by utilizing the picture-in-picture feature to showcase a scrolling RSS feed of your recent Twitter and Facebook updates, as well as the conversation taking place around your hashtag. When working with a reputable vendor, like Tallen Technology Rentals, they can assist you with finding the best way to manage your social media displays.

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