Should You Use HD in Your Next Meeting?

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When deciding whether to incorporate HD into your next corporate event there are a number of key factors to consider. First and foremost, has your content been designed, or in some cases redesigned, for HD? Although this can seem like a daunting task if you are new to formatting presentations or other content into HD, some audio visual companies can assist you in changing your content into an HD format.

Generally all corporate events projected in HD are developed and shown in 16:9 aspect ratio. So if your content is not, or cannot, be designed in this format you should not consider utilizing an HD system.

The second thing to consider is your audio visual budget. When incorporating HD into an event your projectors will need to be upgraded, as will your switching system and all video cabling. The reason for these upgrades is to allow your content from your laptop to be sent in HD to your projectors; every part along the signals path must be capable of handling the HD signal.

Likewise, if your event is being broadcasted the encoding system as well as the hardware that will be receiving the broadcast should be capable of handling an HD signal; otherwise utilizing an HD signal will be moot if the location receiving the system displays it in standard definition only.

Now the good news, if your content is properly developed and you have the budget, your audience will enjoy a clearer & crisper video experience!

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