What is a fog display?

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What is a fog display

At trade shows and corporate events companies are always looking for unique ways to engage attendees, and few features are as effective as fog displays for achieving that objective. Essentially, the feat of technology is an image that is projected onto fog instead of a traditional screen rental. People can walk through and interact with the projection as if it were a ghost. What’s more, the fog isn’t actual precipitation so there’s no risk of getting wet.

The audio visual technology can be used in numerous ways to attract attention. For instance, the display can be set up along the exterior of a trade show booth. Attendees will notice the floating image and their interests will be piqued. When consumers walk through the fog, a sales representative can be there to open lines of communication and discuss potential deals.

Moreover, this cutting-edge technology is being improved by experts from around the world. According to Phys.org, researchers at Osaka University recently developed a way to create 3D images on fog displays to create truly immersive experiences. The news source speculates that as further innovations are made that full rooms might be able to be filled with projections.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology into any presentation, including corporate gatherings and trade shows, is crucial for engagement. Fog displays might be the most beneficial tools for ensuring that attendees are interested in a business.

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